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Little Things They Said (things lost & found)

I realize I haven’t posted a “Little Things They Said” in a little more than a month. As I was cleaning up my drafts folder, I found a bunch of posts where I had stuck the little things so I would remember to share them. I combined all of the things I found and added them to all of the things I remember from the past month, to hopefully make up for the weeks of not posting.

  • After choosing her outfit for the next day, Olivia said “Mama, I was “azooming” it was going to be cold tomorrow, because you want me to wear long sleeves.”
  • Olivia told me that I was “very impressive” because I put her clothes out for her “just right”.
  • Traci came to visit and she brought along both her ipad and her iphone. Olivia and Sophia are familiar with her iphone (there are GAMES!). Olivia noticed the ipad sitting on the couch and asked “what happened to your phone? How did it get bigger?”
  • I caught Sophia with a candy bracelet in her mouth, even though she had not finished her dinner. “What are you doing with that candy? You know you aren’t allowed to eat it, you didn’t finish your dinner!” “I’m not eating it mama! I’m just drinking the juice out of it!” She said as she sucked on the candy before I took it away.
  • At dinner, Olivia informed me that she ONLY liked baked beans (what she was eating at the time). “Yeah, my favorite is baked beans. I don’t like black beans, or any other beans!” She stopped, thought for a second and said “Oh yeah, and Jelly Beans. That’s the other bean I like.”
  • Olivia has this insect information flip book. One night, she came out and asked “Daddy, what in the world is this?” “Oh those are worms!” She wrinkled her nose and said “Oh, it looked like yucky pasta to me.” I may never eat pasta again.
  • “Hey mama, have you ever heard of an “Ashowerasaurus?” Olivia asked me one morning. “Um, no, I haven’t, what’s that?” I asked. “It’s a dinosaur who takes showers!” she said, laughing her head off.
  • “You know what I was thinking?” Olivia asked Bill before bed. “If I were a Japanese person I wouldn’t speak English or Spanish, but I would speak Japanese!” Bill happily pointed out that she could learn any language no matter who she was or where she was from. She was excited about this and said “I learned a little Spanish from Dora! Maybe I can learn more!”
  • Bill sent me the following text from the bathroom as he was giving the girls a bath: “A quote from Olivia: Sidious is a bad guy and does NOT like bubble baths!”
  • We recently decided that the girls could watch the show “Phineas & Ferb” as long as we watched it as a family and treated it like a special movie, instead of a show they could watch all the time, as it is for a slightly older age group. They have been very interested in it as it comes on after the Disney Jr. shows.  Poor Sophia couldn’t get the grasp of the show’s title and kept shouting “We’re gonna watch Penis & Fern,we’re gonna watch Penis & Fern!” and then, after trying to help her pronunciation, she said the show was “Peetius & Fern”. The fun didn’t stop there though, she kept calling Perry the Platypus “Pewwy the Platypiss!”
  • I received the following text from Bill: “So, Olivia is trying to concentrate on playing her game and is kinda frustrated. Meanwhile Sophia is in the room and walking in front of the TV, babbling on and on, asking questions etc. which Olivia doesn’t really seem to appreciate. Then Sophia says “I’m a statue” and Liv, without looking away from the TV and in the most flat, deadpan voice ever says “then you should stop talking.” I had to leave the room. lol”
  • Sophia has a habit of shouting “WIN! I SCORED!” whenever she wins at the little electronic Leap Frog games they have. It always cracks me up. And yes, I guess I can be a little immature.
  • While visiting my family, we were scrolling through my mom’s Dish TV guide. Olivia looked at the TV, looked at me and calmly said “Wow, MeMe has a lot of damn channels, doesn’t she?”  Definitely not my proudest moment in parenting (even if I was biting the insides of my cheeks so hard I tasted blood), but Bill looked at it this way: “Well, at least she didn’t drop an F-bomb.” So there IS that.
  • Bill told the girls to hurry up and clean their room, Sophia responded “Okay daddy, I’m hurry upping!” Olivia laughed and said “No Sophia, you should say “hurrying up!” Sophia said “No, I say hurry upping!”

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