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Ghosts of Birthdays Past…Rainbow Pottery Painting Party

For Olivia’s 6th birthday (2012) she requested a rainbow themed pottery painting party at a local studio. It was the first time I had ever done a “location” party, and I never realized how much stress I put on myself getting the house ready (ie: clean) for the party on top of getting the party […]

Little Things…My Facebook status updates-June 18, 2013-July 5, 2014

If you just sprinkle in a few (okay more than a few) links with social commentary attached, a bunch of “My babies are sick, this sucks” posts (usually followed by “OMYGAWD I’m sick now” posts), you pretty much have the past year in our lives. While the past year has been crazy–it has been crazy […]

Little Things…My Facebook status updates April 8-June 11

My children are amazing and make me laugh daily. If you want more status updates, you can click HERE or HERE.

April 9th: Overheard while the girls were watching Sid The Science Kid earlier tonight: “Um, he has like 5 kids in his class–that’s not how it works.” –Olivia making astute observations, per usual.

April 12th: I […]

The Year in Status Updates

So. Yeah. I was back. I AM back. But I’m going to be honest with you, being a single parent is tough. And while I applaud those who can do it and still successfully manage a blog, obviously at this stage in the game, I am not one of them. I’m doing the best […]

Little Things They Said (things lost & found)

I realize I haven’t posted a “Little Things They Said” in a little more than a month. As I was cleaning up my drafts folder, I found a bunch of posts where I had stuck the little things so I would remember to share them. I combined all of the things I found and […]

Little Things They Said: (May 24-June 6)

Sophia (Pulling her pigtails up high into the air): “Look mama, my hair is uploaded!” (Now pulling her pigtails down, flattened to the side of her head): “Now my hair is downloaded!” Olivia has been playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox and she’s gotten pretty good. Every now and again I will […]

Sister for Sale

*kick* *kick* *kick*

“Owww…mamaaaaaa” I heard Sophia crying out, looked over to my girls, who were supposed to be sitting nicely in my bed and watching an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, to see Olivia pushing kicking her sister’s head off of her lap.

I pulled Sophia over to me, kissed her […]

Surviving the Dance (Recital)…

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of tutus, tights, spandex, hairspray and makeup (the last two thankfully skipped over my girl’s hair and face).

I have seen the same performances twice (well, two and a half if you count the partial dress rehearsal I witnessed on Friday). I have seen and heard a […]