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Little Things They Said (things lost & found)

I realize I haven’t posted a “Little Things They Said” in a little more than a month. As I was cleaning up my drafts folder, I found a bunch of posts where I had stuck the little things so I would remember to share them. I combined all of the things I found and […]

Little Things They Said: (May 24-June 6)

Sophia (Pulling her pigtails up high into the air): “Look mama, my hair is uploaded!” (Now pulling her pigtails down, flattened to the side of her head): “Now my hair is downloaded!” Olivia has been playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox and she’s gotten pretty good. Every now and again I will […]

Little Things They Said (This Week April 15-21)

Sophia has become obsessed with the hooded towels we have. She runs around saying she needs her “cape” because she is Darth Vader. She then proceeds to breath heavily. We had another “Really” moment while eating dinner this week.  Bill was recounting the story of how, as teenagers, he & his friends would […]



It’s one word, but it has taken on a life of its own in our house.

Olivia uses it as a question, sarcastically, in disbelief over something, sometimes in disgust or even in general amazement.

As she flips through one of my parenting magazines and sees an ad for a Handy Manny with […]

Little Things-part deux

Olivia wandered into our bedroom one night after she had been put to bed. “Mama?” I was used to her stall tactics, so I looked at her and said “What is it, Olivia?” “You know what Sophia has?” She asked me. “No, what does Sophia have?” “Sophia has a two-head!” “A two-head?” I […]

Little Things…

This past weekend, Olivia woke up in the middle of the night, crying. I ran into her room, asked her what was wrong, and she couldn’t tell me, so I prodded “Did you have a bad dream?” “Uh huh!” she sobbed. “Well, tell me what happened??” “I dreamed….I dreamed….The Easter Bunny came to […]