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For Women

Wordless Wednesday: Olivia and Sophia: Recipe Hunters

Try it…you’ll like it!

In the past 18 months (geez, you’re gonna get tired of seeing me type that, but it’s important for me to be clear), I have seen a sharp decrease in my cooking. Not my cooking SKILLS mind you (cuz, I still got mad skillz in the kitchen), but just the number of nights I […]

P90X Hiatus

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been struck down! In the prime of lime!

Not really, I’m just a medical mystery right now. I finally took myself to the doctor on Monday, where I was given a prescription strength heartburn medication and instructions to call on Wednesday if the pain wasn’t any better. Obviously […]

P90X Update: Week 8

Day 57 (Monday): I woke up, feeling…weird. I was nauseous and couldn’t stop burping. I kind of thought it was because I had eaten a little too late the night before and so I shrugged it off and got into my head that I WOULD be doing Yoga. I drug my feet a bit, […]

Toddler Yoga X

I am currently in my 8th week of the P90x exercise program.

Sometimes, it can be…difficult….to include a workout in your day when you stay-at-home with your kids. I know that sounds bizarre, because, “you’re at home all day, you have ALL THE TIME” (which is a post for another day). But, if I […]

P90X Update: Week 7 (Redux)

Day 50 (Monday): Partially because I had been sick and was still recovering, partially because I had taken the week off, I was struggling with today’s workout. I didn’t attempt the Dreya Roll (some days I’ve got it, today just wasn’t one of those days), nor did I get through all of the push-ups. […]

P90X Update: Week 7

This was a week of sickness, non-exercise, and a decision to redo my week 7. But, in honor of full disclosure I am posting how my week went.

Day 43 (Monday): I only got half of my workout done, as we had company coming over and they came earlier than I anticipated. We spent […]

P90X Update: Week 6

Day 36 (Monday): I felt really good about today’s workout, I even did a few clunky Dreya Rolls. Yay me!

Day 37 (Tuesday): Cardio was pretty good today, I was slightly pukey feeling, but it may have been because I had a parent committee meeting and did my workout a bit later than usual.


P90X Update: Week 5

This was the start of Phase 2. The only change was my Wednesdays. Instead of Shoulders/Arms it was Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.

Day 29 (Monday): I was sick. So sick. I did nothing. Since I practically ate nothing, I don’t feel very guilty about it.

Day 30 (Tuesday): Okay, maybe I felt slightly guilty, […]