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Ghosts of Birthdays Past…Rainbow Pottery Painting Party

For Olivia’s 6th birthday (2012) she requested a rainbow themed pottery painting party at a local studio. It was the first time I had ever done a “location” party, and I never realized how much stress I put on myself getting the house ready (ie: clean) for the party on top of getting the party […]

Ghosts of Birthdays Past…ROBOT PARTY!

So, in keeping with my attempt to update you on our lives, I’m finally posting all of the parties from the past three years. If you want, check out Olivia’s LEGO party which I posted like two weeks ago. Sorry, I thought I would be more on top of things. Slowly, but surely wins the race, […]

Ghost of Birthdays Past…

On Wednesday, my baby turned six. SIX. This weekend, she will be having a very small gathering of her best buds to paint pottery at a local studio.  It was only after her party last year, where I invited her entire Pre-K class, that I realized she may not be a prime candidate for […]

Wordless Wednesday: Olivia and Sophia: Recipe Hunters

Try it…you’ll like it!

In the past 18 months (geez, you’re gonna get tired of seeing me type that, but it’s important for me to be clear), I have seen a sharp decrease in my cooking. Not my cooking SKILLS mind you (cuz, I still got mad skillz in the kitchen), but just the number of nights I […]

A Very Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated Sophia’s 3rd birthday, Mickey Mouse style. It was a simple backyard affair, with family and friends, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

I went with the basic “Mickey” head silhouette and the colors red, black & yellow. I wanted the party as DIY as possible, and […]

Cinnamon Rolls

One of the best parts of holidays for my family is that I make a pretty unhealthy breakfast.

Cinnamon rolls and bacon.

It’s like a pound of sugar and fat to induce a coma before 10 a.m.

But, as with everything, moderation. I tend to make them a handful of times a year. The […]

The Eventual Heirloom

For my birthday (yes, I’m still talking about that…get over it), my mom sent me a box of gifts. Inside the box were a bunch of Tupperware pieces that rocked my face–I was seriously more happy about the Tupperware than I think should be allowed (teal-colored Tupperware!)–but there was also something in the bottom […]

Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sorry, nothing Saint Patricky around here. Not because I’m anti-St. Patrick’s Day or anything (quite the contrary!) I just didn’t have my act together enough to pre-plan something amazing. However, I am bringing the cookies. I guess you could use green food coloring and make these festive, so there’s that.

In the course of […]

I’m Guest Posting! Fancy!

Today, I wrote a guest post for the AMAZING

I swear, I wish the idea for this blog had been mine. It’s awesome. Everything soup or salad? Yes please. I can personally vouch for many recipes on this site, most recently, I tried the Spicy Shrimp & Noodle Soup, which was incredibly delicious […]