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Project 365: Days 161-188 (June 10-July 7)

Brace yourself. With my vacation and the subsequent onslaught of photos that needed to be edited and sorted I fell behind on my Project 365 postings. So, I have almost a whole month of photos for your viewing enjoyment. So sit back and enjoy.

161/365 New Shoes! I’ve been lusting after these […]

Project 365: Days 154-160 (June 3-9)

154/365 Boo-Boo! Sophia fell and scraped her knee. Hello Kitty & mama’s kisses helped make it better. 155/365 Blueberries! I had a yummy late night snack. 156/365 Tiara making: The girls created tiaras at a friend’s princess birthday party. 157/365 New shirt day! Someone had their stock of Star Wars shirts replinished. […]

Project 365: Days 147-153 (May 27-June 2)

147/365 Sophia checking on the bushes in the front yard. 148/365 Pool play: The girls had a blast playing in the pool with their squirt toys! 149/365 Bedtime Story: Olivia enjoyed her new (old) book I found at a used bookstore. 150/365 Repurposing. Olivia used an old colander from my kitchen as […]

Project 365: Days 140-146 (May 20-26)

140/365 Kabobs! Our parent committee put on the Teacher Appreciation event, where we served yummy kabobs. 141/365 Olivia spent some of Saturday on one of her favorite activities; her workbooks. 142/365 Pouty McGee. Sophia was being a little pouty because she was ready to leave the park but Olivia wasn’t. 143/365 The […]

Project 365: (Days 133-139) May 13-May 19

133/365 Pretty little dancers all in a row; Olivia (the last little girl in pink) and her dance class waiting to enter the auditorium during her dance rehearsal. 134/365 Huge cupcake! I took photos for a joint first and fourth birthday party, I thought this was a cute shot. 135/365 Ice cream! […]

Project 365: Days 126-132 (May 6-May 12)

126/365 Leia Buns! Sophia rocking her favorite new do: the Princess Leia.

127/365 Pre-Anniversary Dinner: Olivia got sick, so we didn’t go out for our anniversary dinner as planned.  Instead, we ordered fancier takeout than normal and enjoyed it in bed, watching TV. It was pretty nice. 128/365 Anniversary. Mother’s Day […]

Project 365: Days 120-125 (April 30-May 5)

I’m following Amy’s lead and changing the day I post my Project 365 photos to Friday. So, short week this week! Also? I was sick, Sophia was sick and I haven’t left my house since Saturday afternoon. I’m not promising anything fascinating, but I did keep up with the project, which makes me pretty […]

Project 365: Days 113-119 (April 23-29)

113/365 Easter Eggs! I should have known the stickers would be their favorite part of the process. 114/365 Easter Egg Hunting. The girls in their Easter finery, hunting for eggs. 115/365 Bubbley fun. Trying out her new bubble wand she got in her Easter basket. 116/365 Three cute kids, just hanging out, […]

Project 365: Days 106-112 (April 16-22)

106/365 Lemon Pacman. After Olivia smooshed a lemon from her great-grandparents’ tree, Bill showed her it looked just like Pacman.

107/365 Ipod Touch! Traci came over to hang out, and let the girls play games on her ipod touch. They were thrilled. 108/365 Homework! Olivia and Bill […]

Project 365: Days 99-105 (April 9-15)

99/365 Ms. Pacman! The girls got the chance to try their hand at Ms. Pacman after they had lunch.













100/365 Reading. Olivia wanted to read me a story on Sunday. She chose one of the old Disney Encyclopedias we have […]