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Ghosts of Birthdays Past…Rainbow Pottery Painting Party

For Olivia’s 6th birthday (2012) she requested a rainbow themed pottery painting party at a local studio. It was the first time I had ever done a “location” party, and I never realized how much stress I put on myself getting the house ready (ie: clean) for the party on top of getting the party […]

Ghosts of Birthdays Past…ROBOT PARTY!

So, in keeping with my attempt to update you on our lives, I’m finally posting all of the parties from the past three years. If you want, check out Olivia’s LEGO party which I posted like two weeks ago. Sorry, I thought I would be more on top of things. Slowly, but surely wins the race, […]

Ghost of Birthdays Past…

On Wednesday, my baby turned six. SIX. This weekend, she will be having a very small gathering of her best buds to paint pottery at a local studio.  It was only after her party last year, where I invited her entire Pre-K class, that I realized she may not be a prime candidate for […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Happy Birthday Baby…

Wordless Wednesday–Down on the Farm

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Vacation has begun!

Wordless Wednesday–Beautiful, but deadly

Wordless Wednesday: Not so wordless…

Wordless Wednesday: Hurray for Hollywood!

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