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Half-Birthdays and other traditions

Today is Olivia’s half-birthday.

She’s six and a half.

My baby is SIX AND A HALF!

Some people may find celebrating half-birthdays silly, but I am not some people. She doesn’t get gifts, we don’t sing a song–I simply make today a little more…Olivia-centric. I’m making one of her favorite things for dinner (rotisserie […]

Project 365: Days 85-91 (March 26-April 1)

85/365 ToonTown! We went to Disneyland for my 30th Birthday, the girls loved playing in ToonTown! 86/365 Yummy Cupcakes! Bill brought home Yummy Cupcakes for my birthday. My favorite? The two lemon tart ones in the bottom right corner.

87/365 Play-Doh in the hand. Sophia playing with her play-doh […]

Wordless Wednesday: “Look at this clown! Just because he’s got a bigger boat he thinks he can take up the whole river.”

My Disneyland Birthday: In photos

As we were entering the park, Mickey started leading the band around Main Street! It was very exciting for the girls & Sophia started waving her little hand. It was SO cute.

We spent a lot of time in ToonTown, the girls wanted to check everything out. It was a lot of fun for […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I spent my 30th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth with my favorite people on Earth. The day was amazing, and despite being sick (yes, I said it) I had the best birthday I can ever remember having. We had no agenda, no plans, and it was perfect.

In the 11 years I […]

Little Things-part deux

Olivia wandered into our bedroom one night after she had been put to bed. “Mama?” I was used to her stall tactics, so I looked at her and said “What is it, Olivia?” “You know what Sophia has?” She asked me. “No, what does Sophia have?” “Sophia has a two-head!” “A two-head?” I […]