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Half-Birthdays and other traditions

Today is Olivia’s half-birthday.

She’s six and a half.

My baby is SIX AND A HALF!

Some people may find celebrating half-birthdays silly, but I am not some people. She doesn’t get gifts, we don’t sing a song–I simply make today a little more…Olivia-centric. I’m making one of her favorite things for dinner (rotisserie chicken) and will have a cupcake for her to enjoy afterwards.

I think having little traditions like that are important. They aren’t much, but they are things that they will remember. Or at least, have (many, many) photos of.

I didn’t have very memorable family traditions growing up. There were some, of course, but typically they involved the major holidays. I knew there would be Christmas breakfast at my house, lunch with my mom’s family, and dinner with my dad’s family. My sister and I had it down to a science, exactly how much food to eat to make sure we didn’t explode by the end of the night, and which grandma made which dish the best.

But, I yearn for more than that for my little family. My best friend and her family have a tradition of going to opening day at Dodger Stadium–she’s been doing it since she was a small girl and she still does it! I think that is amazingly awesome. I want that. Or something like that. And lest you think I’m overcompensating, I’ve always been kind of a nerd about traditions. (I’ve written about some of them before), and it has nothing to do with my newly-found single parent status (okay…maybe a little).

I’vve been toying with a few: Disneyland to kick off summer vacation, which, we did do last year, so I want to keep it up. Daily photos of Olivia’s (and now Sophia’s) choices for school outfit–I’m not sure if they will allow me to continue this, but it’s been fun. Family movie night every Friday has been something both girls really REALLY love and they talk about it all week, so I hope when they are older and have little mini-lives of their own they still want to have them every now and again. The girls went to their first Dodger game last year, so I want them to do that at least once a season as well.

But what about you? What traditions do you have? Are there any you plan to begin?


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