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Ghost of Birthdays Past…

On Wednesday, my baby turned six. SIX. This weekend, she will be having a very small gathering of her best buds to paint pottery at a local studio.  It was only after her party last year, where I invited her entire Pre-K class, that I realized she may not be a prime candidate for having a larger party. Sure, a great time was had by all–except the birthday girl. She perked up and joined the fun AFTER the majority of her guests left.

This year, as I was party planning, I realized that I haven’t documented any party since Sophia’s 3rd, which is a shame, because in the past three years the girls have asked for and received: a Lego party, robot party, a pottery party (with a rainbow theme), a Phineas & Ferb water party, a mad scientist party and this Sunday? A pottery party with a My Little Pony theme. It would be a super wasteful for all of my hard work and photos to only be beneficial to me, so enjoy the next handful of posts, one for every party. What can I say? I’m a giver.

Olivia’s 5th Birthday–A LEGO Extravaganza 014_Oct1The birthday banner was super easy, just time consuming. I found a LEGO-esque font online, and then just used primary colored card stock to make the Legos. Food was simple, but tasty. (chips, dip, meatball sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, quesadillas, and fruit). I’m sure now it is a bit easier to find Lego party supplies, given the movie’s popularity, but this way worked fine too.

126_Sept24051_Oct1I decided to get crafty and make the pinata. I used an old box and distressed it before covering it in tissue paper. You can find instructions online (seriously, google “make a pinata out of a cardboard box”). It worked out pretty well and the kids were able to *eventually* get to the candy. 128_Sept25Excuse the crappy cell-phone photos (seriously, pre-iphone cell pics kind of suck) but these were the gift bags–lunch sacks with coordinating colored dots glued on to look like a Lego brick. Party favors were small building sets (they have party packs available relatively cheap), and I made Lego brick crayons using this tray and melting down old crayons. Warning: you will never be able to use the tray for ice again, but the crayons are cute. 018_Oct1For the hats, I bought basic party hats and glued a cut-out Lego guy to it. Again, time consuming, but LOOK HOW CUTE! 063_Oct1   I’ll be the first to admit that the cake wasn’t my finest display of cake art, but whatever, it tasted great. Loaf pans and mini-cupcake pans. Cut and paste. Frost. Repeat. Easy.   127_Sept25 I built Olivia a Lego table for her birthday, (Ikea LACK table $7, Green Plates $40). Instead of organizing games, I just brought the table and all the girls’ Legos outside for the kids to build. That, coupled with them running around outside and making sidewalk chalk art, they had a great time. 075_Oct1

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