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Project 365: Days 147-153 (May 27-June 2)

147/365 Sophia checking on the bushes in the front yard.

148/365 Pool play: The girls had a blast playing in the pool with their squirt toys!

149/365 Bedtime Story: Olivia enjoyed her new (old) book I found at a used bookstore.

150/365 Repurposing. Olivia used an old colander from my kitchen as a pool toy.

151/365 New Friends: I took the girls to the beach to meet up with a childhood friend of mine and her family. Our girls got the chance to play together.

152/365 Gamer! Olivia loves to play Xbox with her daddy. She’s getting pretty good at it. Currently playing Lego Star Wars.

153/365 Chuck-E-Cheese: Sophia tries her hand at a game during Olivia’s last preschool fundraising event.

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