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Little Things They Said: (May 24-June 6)

  • Sophia (Pulling her pigtails up high into the air): “Look mama, my hair is uploaded!” (Now pulling her pigtails down, flattened to the side of her head): “Now my hair is downloaded!”
  • Olivia has been playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox and she’s gotten pretty good. Every now and again I will hear her yell out “I got it! I’m using the force!” So glad that she’s finally found a way to make that happen.
  • Sophia from my bedroom: “Mama, I’m holding your boobs! I’ve got your boobs!” I run in the room to see what she is talking about. She comes out holding my bra up in the air like it is a trophy. “See? Your boobs!”
  • Olivia’s last day of school was this past Friday. Yesterday she hopped on my bed and said “What are we doing today?” I explained that we were going to hang out at home and I was going to rest (the sunburn is healing, but I tweaked my lower back–so I’m still slow moving). “But mama! That’s not right! Vacation means going somewhere and doing something fun!”
  • Olivia has been picking up some…interesting…new words lately. I feel like I’m living with a teenager, because all I hear is “Oh that is so totally awesome…how cool is that? That is so cool.” Where? Did? She? Learn? This? She also uses perfect tone when using the phrases which is slightly unnerving coming from a four and a half year old.
  • Sophia came into our room crying the other night, while the girls were supposed to be in bed, and claimed Olivia hit her. “Olivia, did you hit Sophia?” “No” she said. I asked Sophia to tell me what happened. She claimed Olivia hit her with the huge stuffed Domo Kun doll they have. Olivia walked in as Sophia was retelling her version of events. She looked at me, with her hand up in the air and said “But it was SOFT…” I explained that it didn’t matter if it was soft of not, hitting was not acceptable. Then I stifled my laughter and sent them to bed.
  • We went to a princess birthday party this past weekend, where my friend had an actual Cinderella come to the party to play games, paint faces and read stories. One of the games involved asking all the children what made them happy. Most of them said candy. When Olivia was asked what made her happy, my kid said: “Raisins!”
  • “Mama, Olivia bit me!” Sophia stated. “Bit you?” That didn’t sound like Olivia. “Olivia, did you bite your sister?” “Yes, Yes I did.” she confirmed. “You know better than that! Why in the world would you bite your sister?” I asked her. “Well. She put her finger in my mouth.” Biting my inner cheek I explained that it was wrong to bite, but it was also wrong for Sophia to put her finger in her mouth. Bill and I later agreed that we were kind of glad that happened. While we don’t condone the biting, Sophia should know that shoving her finger in someone’s mouth could result in having it bitten.

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  • I love the raisin one! We’ve been calling raisins a “treat”, and I’m not looking forward to the day finds out the truth! I used to babysit for a kid who though yogurt was “ice cream” & thought it was brilliant 🙂


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