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Sister for Sale


“Owww…mamaaaaaa” I heard Sophia crying out, looked over to my girls, who were supposed to be sitting nicely in my bed and watching an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, to see Olivia pushing kicking her sister’s head off of her lap.

I pulled Sophia over to me, kissed her forehead and said “Hey Olivia, you should be nice to your sister! She’s the only one you’ve got!”

“Well…” Olivia was thoughtful for a moment. “I want you to have another one for me.”

“I hope we have another baby one day, but what would you do with Sophia if I did?” I asked her, kidding.

“I’m going to sell her!” Olivia started giggling.

Sophia gave a little giggle, looked slightly amused, and maybe a little perturbed.

“Why in the world would you do that?” I asked.

“Because I don’t love her anymore!” Olivia started laughing.

“Now, I know that’s not true! And you really shouldn’t say things like that, because words hurt and you could hurt your sister’s feelings! Besides, we want to keep her around. She’s kind of amusing, right?

I looked at Olivia, and we glanced over at Sophia, who was now laying stomach down in the bed, pants-less, butt in the air.

“So…You think we’ll keep her?”

She burst out laughing at the sight of Sophia’s tiny butt in the air and said, “Yeah.”


2 comments to Sister for Sale

  • Remember in 5th grade AG when I performed Shel Silverstein’s “Sister for Sale” & used my sister Rebecca as the prop? That’s what this reminded me of. If you’ve never read his poem with O, she might enjoy it.


    natalie Reply:

    Yes I remember that! I’m going to get the Shel Silverstein books next time we go to the library. I think they are about at the age to appreciate them!


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