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Project 365: Days 99-105 (April 9-15)

99/365 Ms. Pacman! The girls got the chance to try their hand at Ms. Pacman after they had lunch.













100/365 Reading. Olivia wanted to read me a story on Sunday. She chose one of the old Disney Encyclopedias we have and proceeded to read to me. We learned all about the holidays, illustrated with 80s Disney.












101/365 Her first medal! Olivia participated in her school’s Wheel-A-Thon & was given this medal. She was so proud, she slept with it under her pillow.








102/365 Chicks, Ducks & Bunnies. My favorite Springtime treat. (The pink ones are the best).









103/365 Ice cream! Olivia’s school had a fundraiser at Ben&Jerry’s, so I took them and we totally overdid it on the ice cream. I guess I expected the dude to understand that little kids need little scoops? Guess I was not thinking. Next time Mama & Sophia will share a cone as she couldn’t finish hers. Olivia, on the other hand ate her whole scoop and cone. She didn’t eat much dinner later, but she had a good time.






104/365 Bubbles are fun to photograph! Not the clearest (or best) bubble picture I’ve ever taken, but I like that you can kind of make out Olivia’s reflection.








105/365 Coloring. We went to see the Easter Bunny & he gave out these little coloring books.












4 comments to Project 365: Days 99-105 (April 9-15)

  • best.tags.ever.


    natalie Reply:

    I just realized one of them was cut off for being too long. hehehe


  • hahaha! the boobs on the medal lady! I saw those too! ps. Gah, pacman and the disney books totally brought me back to my own childhood <3 Remember when going to Pizza Hut was like a reallllly big deal and they had sit down pacman? Awesome.


    natalie Reply:

    YES! The sit-down pacman was at Pizza Inn where I am from. They had a fancy pizza buffet and desert pizza. The Disney books MAY very well be from our childhood, they were given to us by Bill’s Aunt & Uncle and I am sure they are early to mid-80s publication. I would have to check.

    The boobs were pretty epic. Also funny b/c Olivia’s preschool, while not religious, is attached to a church. hahaha The director noticed it and said “meh, they were free, hopefully no one will get too upset.” hahaha!


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