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Little Things They Said (This Week: April 9-14)

(Special thanks to Amy over at Baby Baby Lemon for being the brainchild behind this *hopefully weekly* feature’s name)

  • I was trying to get the girls to clean their room. Checking on their progress (I was in the living room) I called out “Girls!” No Answer. “GIRLS” Still no answer. Even louder “GIRLS!!” Olivia responds with a very snotty sounding “WHAT!?!?” So I tell them to come out to me right that instant. I then explain that they should never yell “What” in that way, because it is rude. I then began to explain tone, and how it is different to ask “What” as a question than it is to yell “WHAT”. When Olivia asked why, I said “Well, because when you do it that way, it sounds like you are mad or irritated with someone.” Olivia looked at me and said “Well…we were.” Touche, little girl, Touche.
  • I took the girls to Ben & Jerry’s for their school’s fundraiser this week and Olivia kept messing up the name all afternoon. She excitedly told her daddy that we went to “Jen & Barry’s” for ice cream.
  • I tweaked my back this week, simply by standing up after changing Sophia’s pull-up. I told Sophia I couldn’t hold her for very long, or carry her around, because I hurt my back. She said “Well, you have to, because my legs are SO SO TIRED.” So when I was trying to put her in a shopping cart later, she claimed she wanted to walk like Olivia and help push the cart. When I reminded her that she said her legs were SO SO TIRED, she said “No, no their not, they are SO SO RUNNY!” I told her that’s precisely why she would be sitting in the cart.
  • When we take their reading lights away, they always ask us if they can “read books in their head”. Last night, Sophia came up to me and said she was sad. “Why are you sad?” I asked her. “Because I only have scary stories in my head and I don’t want to read a scary story!” So I told her to empty those stories out of her head and think of lollipops and bumblebees and all the nice pretty things. It seemed to work, even if she looked at me funny and said “Bumblebees?” as she walked out of my room.
  • The girls have been a little more…sisterly…with each other, yelling and fussing about taking toys, etc. At dinner one night, Olivia kept asking Sophia a question, and Sophia was ignoring her. Olivia was getting frustrated, so I interjected and said “While it is very rude for Sophia to not answer and ignore you, that is her choice, and you often do that to her, so you need to just stop asking her and maybe she will feel like answering you in a minute.” Olivia sat back and mumbled “Fine, I’ll just leave you to your business, Sophia.”
  • The girls have been updating their “Uptown Girl” lyric sheet. This week’s favorites were “Uptown girl…she’s been living in her Mr. Smee” (They’re on a Jake and the Neverland Pirates kick) and “Uptown girl…She’s been living in her underpants”. It never fails to amuse them (and me).
  • Also on the car playlist is the theme song from Scrubs, Lazlo Bane’s “Superman”. Sophia likes to sing “I’m no Superman…Banana” because of the Superman/Banana exercise I did on P90x. She will also sing “I’m no exercise” and thinks it is the funniest thing she’s ever heard.
  • Last night, Sophia came out of their bedroom (for the 5th or 6th time).  “Mama, I am sad” (Do you see a trend here? I hear this at least three times a night). “Why are you sad, baby?” “Sister yelled at me!” “Yelled at you? Why that’s not nice, come on, let’s go back and find out what’s going on.” I asked Olivia if she had yelled at Sophia and she said “Yes! But only because she was talking to me and I wanted peace and quiet!” I asked her if she understood that yelling totally negated the “peace and quiet” and next time she needed to let me know Sophia was making too much noise and not to yell at her. “But that won’t work!” she proclaimed. “How would you know? You’ve never tried it before!” I explained. “Oh, I guess so. I’ll try that next time.”

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