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If it isn’t one thing…

For the month of May I have been a bit AWOL, but I’m hoping life is going to get itself back on track. I just had my 32 week check-up and since I’m not in the hospital or on bed rest, I would have to say that I’m doing pretty well.

Around my 30 week mark when I was pregnant with Olivia, I had a bit of a scare, which put me on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Right around the beginning of May (and my 30th week) I began to…regress maybe? I was napping more, not feeling motivated to do anything, etc. Some would chalk this up to being pregnant. Partially, I’m sure, but a part of me thinks that I was feeling a little bit of anxiety which morphed into a (manageable) depression that caused me to not want to do the things I love.

I didn’t write (blog or otherwise), read (I have a stack of books I’m waiting to dive into), work on my photo projects, and even more surprising: For the month of May I have taken exactly 50 pictures of my daughter. Sure, that sounds like a lot to most people, but I am (on average) a 150-200 picture a month type of gal. I love to snap photos of my daughter and capture even the most mundane of events with my wonderful camera. I realized last week what was going on, but knew I couldn’t snap myself out of it until I went to my doctor’s office and got the “all clear”.

Luckily, that happened yesterday: for the most part. Everything looks terrific: great blood pressure, not too horrible in the weight-gain department (okay, maybe 5 more pounds than I wanted, but that’s life, right?), heartbeat is strong and loud, baby is currently in head down position, life is great. Except for one small little detail. Apparently when I took my glucose screening test three weeks ago the levels came back slightly elevated. Seriously 1 or 2 points above cut-off. The nurse said that while it was only 1 or 2 points higher than the cut-off, they HAD to stop somewhere, so I couldn’t squeak past the 3-hour tolerance test.

Yep. I have to take a freaking 3-hour glucose tolerance test to rule out gestational diabetes. At first I worried a lot, because that would suck if I did have gestational diabetes. But, the reality is that it is unlikely I do, since I was only 1 or 2 points above the normal range and the fact that even if your levels are elevated, 2/3rds of the women who go in for the 3-hour test turn out NOT to have gestational diabetes. Those are pretty good odds. I can’t help but to be a little nervous, because it is my nature, but, as I told Bill last night: I’m not in a hospital nor am I restricted to laying in bed all day, so I have to start feeling better.

Hopefully this involves more writing, reading and picture taking. Seriously, 50 pictures? That’s just shameful.

So, now I must brag about my daughter’s intelligence. She can count to ten! At 19 months old she can count to ten! How amazing is that? She gets so excited when she gets to ten, and she claps and says “good job!”. She also knows almost every color. She has a bit of trouble with purple (she always wants to say it is blue) and brown. She knows a ton of different animals (and their accompanying sounds), and a lot of different letters (A, B, E, O, K, Z, R–and I’m sure there are more), and still loves to ‘read’ and be read to. The other day she was looking through a book as we were leaving and we told her it was time to go. She looked up at us and said “I’m reading”. She was so serious it was hilarious. We took the book with us and she continued to ‘read’ in the car.

A few weeks ago, Bill was changing her diaper and she was looking out of her bedroom window at a couple of squirrels chasing each other. Pretty soon there was a cat in the mix. She calls cats, “meows”, so she got really excited to see the “meow” and the “squal” playing. A little later Bill is changing another diaper and she only sees the “squal”, so she looks at Bill and says “meow sleeping!”. Now, anytime we see a squirrel, she will point it out and then say “meow sleeping”. How she came to that conclusion, I’ll never know. If she doesn’t see a squirrel out of her window she will also say “squal sleeping”.

She also barely lets me out of her sight these days, and anytime I am at my computer (like right now) she spins me around in the chair, saying “mama, mama?” and wants my attention. Which is why I need to wrap this up :o)

I am constantly amazed at her brilliance. Sure I’m biased, but aren’t all parents?

I never thought I would enjoy watching someone grow and learn as much as I am. It is so amazingly wonderful. I love being a mom, and hopefully my funk has cleared enough for me to focus on the good things, and not worry so much about what might happen.

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