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We survived!

We’ve been back from our trip to visit the family for about a week now. We had a terrific time visiting family, Olivia behaved beautifully, and I had lots of good food (as usual!).

Buying Olivia her own ticket was probably the best decision I have ever made (regarding air travel, that is). She was still a bit of a handful, not wanting to sit still long enough, but overall, we managed to color, eat, play, read, walk to the bathroom (a LOT) & watch ‘teetee’ a little (some of Delta’s planes have satellite TV in the headrests!). However, had it not been for the stickers we were given at the birthday party we recently attended, I would have been lost! On the way home there were no headrest TVs, so we played for a longggg time just putting stickers on mama, on Livie, on the paper, on the plane…stickers were very amusing for my 18-month old. She didn’t have much in the way of a meltdown, but she did throw a few little fits when she wasn’t allowed to get down and run around. But, nothing major or unexpected. It’s just a LOT of work to travel with an 18 month old when you are 6 months pregnant.

I also know why they don’t want you to travel after 30 weeks: the damn seatbelts wouldn’t be able to fit around you (lol–I’m kidding of course) I had to loosen it quite a bit to make it comfortable and even then: is it ever REALLY comfy?

I also had to deal with a bit of stupidity at the airport that left me shaking my head a bit. On the trip out, we changed planes once-to a very small plane that you have to walk out to the runway to get to: this I understood. I knew that I would have to give them my stroller at the bottom of the plane instead of right at the door, and then possibly walk up some stairs to the actual plane. When they started boarding our plane, Olivia was asleep in the stroller and I mentioned how I hated waking her up since she was so tired (I wasn’t being serious, just stating the obvious) and the guy said “well there are stairs.” and I said “oh yeah, I know!” What I didn’t know and what he failed to tell me was that there were stairs to get down to the ground from the boarding area. Seriously? I have never encountered stairs from the boarding area to the runway. Usually it is just right outside, or MAYBE a ramp or something. Fortunately a really nice lady (passenger) offered to help me, and I don’t know what I would have done had she not. Luckily there was a ramp up to the plane, but seriously no more warning than that? On the way back home I realized our situation would be the same, so I tracked down a lady in a wheelchair being pushed by a airline employee and asked if I could follow them, she graciously agreed–and we went all over the runway until we came to a service-type elevator that took us up to the terminal. Yeah, it took me a bit longer, but it was so worth it, not having to take Olivia out of the stroller and figure out how to maneuver her, our carry-on and the stroller up the stairs.

Other than that, airline travel was pretty typical. I did get lots of compliments on how well-behaved Miss O was, despite her tiny little meltdowns. I suppose that my definition of ‘bad’ or ‘cranky’ may be different than most, since she is typically so well-behaved. Any little misbehaving on her part is probably seen as her being “so bad” on my part. But she is such a good girl, and I’m a lucky mama!

After our trip I was exhausted. I’m not sure if it was from all of the “go-go-going” or if it was just in general being pregnant, I am really tired, sore, etc. Which is why I haven’t made an effort to get up and write. I’m also nesting. I feel the need to organize Olivia and the new baby’s shared room. Granted, the only thing the new baby will be doing in that room for a while is using it as storage, but I still wanted to have that part ready. We went out and bought a new dresser, a closet organizer and I’m hoping to get some shelves up and another stuffed animal net before the baby gets here. I spent over an hour last night cleaning the kitchen, because I just felt like it needed to be really clean. I don’t expect Bill to get in on the action, but he always tells me I am doing too much, and I think sometimes he is right. I just want it to be done at that moment. I was this way when pregnant with Olivia, and to an extent I’ve always had weird compulsions to clean at certain points, but this is really a driving force. I keep seeing things that I want to do, but can’t figure out how I want it done and it drives me crazy. Today I am exhausted and have a backache, but I still think of all the things I want to do and it runs in loops in my head: clean the bathroom, the bedroom, organize your desk, scan more photos, etc. etc.

Ridiculous, right?

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