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Off with her hair!

It was a long time coming.

I stressed over it, wrote about it, even cried a little bit about it. But in the end, it wasn’t as traumatic for either mama or daughter.

Olivia got her first haircut.

We didn’t go drastic and we didn’t donate her hair this time, because I decided that it was her hair and she should tell us how much to cut. She showed me what would make her the most comfortable, and we went with it.

My sister, a pretty awesome hair stylist by trade, gave her niece her first haircut. It was sweet because she gave her the red carpet treatment and didn’t act annoyed by my constant photographing or videotaping (yes, I did both). She also didn’t hesitate to give me as much of Olivia’s hair as I wanted, and in the end, it wasn’t that much, because I finally realized it was JUST HAIR. And it will grow back.

Everyone told me that her curls would be gone, I was “cutting the curl out”! Of course, I felt sad about it, but what was my alternative? Letting her hair grow until she was walking on it? It was looking scraggly, we had gotten to the point of her crying every day because the bottom of her hair would tangle so badly. Her hair no longer looked lovely to me, it looked like a chore. I hated hurting my girl and I hated her hair being a thorn in my side every day.

Meagan wasn’t so sure the curl would be gone forever, and sure enough, it’s still there. Turns out her top layer of hair is pretty straight, but her bottom layers are curly, so Meagan cut the top layer slightly shorter so that hair would nestle into the curls instead of weigh them down. She also gave the front of her hair a little angle, so it didn’t fall into her face. I’ve relented and told her that she doesn’t have to have her hair “fixed” daily as long as it is combed and stays out of her face. This makes her happy. When her hair is in ponytails the curls are more prominent, but it’s still there, whisping by her temples and making my heart melt even when it is down.

Also? It looks SO much healthier! It’s easier to comb! We have less tears! It’s not as heavy! It’s not as hot!

And since without photos it didn’t happen….


BEFORE: We brushed her hair kind of straight so Meagan could get an even cut.


The first snip.

Her first snipped curl. I have it in a baggie, saved for all time.

This is pretty much the final product, except curlier since it has been washed.

6 comments to Off with her hair!

  • Anna

    Lovely! What beautiful hair your girls have. 🙂


    natalie Reply:

    Thank you! My sister says the universe is really unfair, as her baby has only the slightest bit of hair & she is a hair stylist but my girls were both born with full heads of hair. I just giggle and tell her soon enough her baby will have plenty & she will be complaining she has to fix TWO heads of high-Maintenance hair every day 😉


  • awww, such a sweet milestone! and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for trimming her hair (which is really all you did!) hair can’t grow for 4 years with no upkeep and still be manageable. (; i’m planning to let poppy’s grow as long as i can get away with without any snipping, but i know eventually i’ll have to get her a trim. and, like you, i’ll be there to take a zillion photos and probably cry my way through it!



    natalie Reply:

    I didn’t cry nearly as much as I thought I would, and after it was done everyone said “oh yeah, it DOES look so much better!” So I had to resist the urge to slap them in the face ;P I think we may get Sophia’s trimmed a bit sooner just to make sure it is healthy looking, b/c hers is already past her shoulderblades at (almost) 3, so I think it might be too much to let it go much longer. I don’t blame you for not wanting to cut Poppy’s hair though, it was SO hard and it took me a long time to be okay with it!


  • Your tags are cracking me up!


  • omg you waited FOREVER to cut her hair! that must be a girl thing? anyways, it looks precious. she has totally gorgeous adorable darling locks!


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