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Little Things They Said (April 22-May 8)

  • Olivia didn’t want to cooperate with my efforts at taking her picture, so I jokingly told her that she was born into the wrong family, since I love taking pictures and won’t stop, but I wouldn’t force her to have her photo taken. She looked at Bill and said “I want to move back to the “A” house.” (The “A” house is our old apartment we lived in before moving here a year and a half ago). “Why do you want to live there? I love this place!” Bill said. “Well, if we lived in the ‘A’ house then mama wouldn’t take my pictures all the time, like she does in this house.” Bill laughed and said “She has always taken your pictures! Even when we lived in the “A” house!” Olivia looked incredulous and said “Really? And I let her?”
  • Sophia is mostly potty trained (pull-up at nap & night only) so we took her to Target to “buy all the panties”. One kind she wanted was the Ni Hao Kai Lan kind. When I got them home and washed them, I realized they had a small hole in the crotch, so I thought it would be good to take them back. They’ve been sitting on the counter waiting my next trip to Target. The other night at dinner Sophia looked longingly at the counter and said “I really want my Kai Lan panties, mama!” I told her “Sophia, they have a hole in them, I have to take them back!” She looked at me, shook her head and said “Mama, the hole is where your legs go!”
  • Bill was talking to Olivia at dinner and she sighed and said “I can’t wait until I’m older, because then I can watch TV without cleaning my room, because you let mama watch TV when your room isn’t clean!” Bill then explained that when she had her own house she could do what she wanted, and he didn’t “let” me do anything, as I could choose to watch TV with a messy room if I wanted because I was an adult.
  • On the way to school the other day, Olivia was trying to explain to Bill something, and he just wasn’t getting it. So she sighed and shook her head. He said “Hey, you need to stop making that noise, because I am just repeating what you told me.” She looked at him, and said “Daddy, I’m just not going to stop sighing about this.”
  • Olivia said she didn’t want to eat something because it “tasted like trash” Bill asked “Have you ever eaten trash?” Horrified, Olivia said “NO!” Bill smiled and said “Then you don’t know what trash tastes like, so you can’t say that. It’s like saying something tastes like a monkey, you’ve never had a monkey before have you?” Olivia looks at him and says “I’ve had a pretend monkey, and it tasted like bananas, because the monkey had just finished eating bananas.”
  • We were watching a Nova “Amazing Animals” documentary and they were showing how sea creatures were great at camouflage. I was asking Olivia if she thought it would be cool to see the sea animals up close and in real life, like at an aquarium. Olivia said “This is real life! We could just walk closer to the TV, then we could see them closer.”
  • On Saturday, Olivia asked “When is Kid’s day? You know, when you have to buy us gifts and we get to do whatever we want to do?”

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