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Lullabies for Getty

Two days ago, I entered a contest at Bringing Up Bronwyn to win an itunes copy of Sweet Water Child: Lullabies for Getty, a benefit album to help The Getty Owl Foundation, which was founded to help families fight Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

I entered, not expecting to win anything, but mainly to help spread the news about the cause.


I won.

I never win anything, and I enter a lot of online contests. A LOT. (Hey, I like free stuff)

I was super excited, but hadn’t listened to the album until AFTER I downloaded it (I trusted Eileen when she said it was awesome).

Well, let me tell you. Eileen was wrong. It was NOT awesome. It was above and beyond awesome.There are no words to describe the awesomeness contained in this album.

Mind was blown.

This is not some “let’s throw some shit together and call it a benefit album” album. Every song is more beautiful than the next. It’s a gorgeous tribute to a beautiful cause.

Eileen did such an amazing job writing about Getty and the cause, that I don’t want to even attempt my own write-up. I will send you over to her post.

Go on. I’ll be here to give you further instructions when you’re done. Seriously. Go. The rest of this post will make no sense if you don’t.

Wasn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that a gorgeous face? How can you not want to help?

I will now urge you, nay, insist you purchase this album. You can do it via itunes or directly from the source.

I can hear the protesting: “Hey Natalie, I DON’T have kids, why do I need this children’s lullaby album?” Or “Hey Natalie, I now have surly teenagers who would rather poke out their eardrums than listen to anything I say is awesome, what do I do?”

This album is awesome enough to listen to it by yourself, while blogging, while wanting to relax, working on your art/hobby, driving home from work, going to sleep…you get the idea. You can also tell surly teenagers they aren’t allowed to listen to it. Guaranteed they will steal your copy.

So NOW you’re saying: “Natalie, I’m not a big fan of music” and “My hearing was impaired because I was a surly teenager who poked out my eardrums when my parents tried to get me to listen to something they liked, what now?” Or maybe “Natalie, your taste in music sucks, I refuse to subject myself to anything you say sounds awesome.”

First of all? Weirdo. My taste in music is awesome. But seriously, the cause is still a good one, and you can help by donating here. Any amount will help, and you can donate to the Getty Owl Foundation or to little Getty Owl and her family directly. Your choice.

I know there are so many causes to help, and I know that sometimes money is too tight to donate, if that’s the case, please spread the word to someone who may be in a better position to help. Do what you can.

Thank you!

8 comments to Lullabies for Getty

  • Oh Natalie, thank you! I’m so happy you won. This is such a wonderful cause, and every little bit helps. Thank you for spreading the word.

    And I can attest to the magical power of this album. I put in on the other night, I don’t think I made it through 2 songs before I was sleeping like how we all wish babies would sleep. Beautiful.


    natalie Reply:

    🙂 Thank YOU! I know it isn’t much, but I wanted to do what I could to help the cause. *Mwah* Love ya!


    Eileen Reply:

    Isn’t much? You dedicated a space in your piece of the interwebz. That is so much more than you realize.


  • Such a great post to support a great cause! Talking with Eileen last night, I learned more about the foundation and the band, and I have to say I’m impressed with how this whole album happened and the band’s decision to donate 100% of the proceeds to the foundation. They’re a class act and in addition to purchasing Lullabies for Getty, I will be purchasing some of the band’s other work.

    The internet is full of amazing things and amazing people. You and Eileen are doing such wonderful things by spreading the word and supporting the cause.


    natalie Reply:

    Thank you! It is really impressive the way this all came about, the internet works in amazing ways 🙂


    Eileen Reply:

    You freaking rock. Just like your twitter handle.


  • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the album! Let’s save some babies! xoxoxoxo-


    natalie Reply:

    You’re welcome! I don’t think my words could ever do the album justice, but I hope that this post helps just a little 🙂 You two are amazingly talented and I am honored to take part in spreading the word for this cause.


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