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P90X Hiatus

Yes, you read that right. I’ve been struck down! In the prime of lime!

Not really, I’m just a medical mystery right now. I finally took myself to the doctor on Monday, where I was given a prescription strength heartburn medication and instructions to call on Wednesday if the pain wasn’t any better. Obviously since I’m writing this, it was not better on Wednesday. I was also told I couldn’t do any vigorous exercise until we get this mess sorted out, just to be safe.

Since P90X is not your “silly little workout routine” (according to Tony–I may be paraphrasing, I tend to block his voice out), I haven’t worked out since last week. I’m a bit grumpy because I wanted to be finished with the program by mid-April so I could reevaluate and decide what I wanted to do next. I also know I feel better when I work out, BUT my current problem is trying to decide which pain is more nagging, the hunger pains or the burning I get after I eat. I’ve yet to find something that doesn’t cause me pain. Non fatty foods, fatty foods, BRAT diet foods, fruits, veggies, meat, it all either immediately causes pain or waits for about 30-45 minutes to attack. It is really hard to work out when you can’t properly fuel your body without hurting after. Plus? I wake up nauseous, so I can’t just work out without eating (as I have done a few times in the past) because it takes my body a few hours for the nausea to become just background noise.

On the upside, I’m going to a GI specialist on Monday, so hopefully we will have some answers, or at least a plan of action.

Don’t worry, I’m not wasting away. I don’t think I’ve lost anything substantial, because, unlike a stomach bug, I still get hungry, so I still eat. It’s just a matter of trying to wait until the last possible minute when the hunger becomes too much, because you know the pain of eating will be slightly worse. THEN, of course you eat like a stupid jackass.

I’m working on it.

I’ll try to use my Sunday space to keep you updated. Who knows? Maybe the specialist will give me a magic pill that will make it all better, and I can resume working out by the beginning of April.

I WILL finish this program. Even if I have to take a month-long break.

Thanks for your continued support.

6 comments to P90X Hiatus

  • So, does this mean you are back on board the week in phone pictures party train?


    Amy @ babybabylemon Reply:

    oh, because it is all about blogging, not your health. Obviously.


    natalie Reply:

    Haha….I don’t know. I was thinking about doing my updates on Monday and doing week in photos again–I just don’t take as many photos w/ my phone B/C I’m always lugging my camera around since I’m doing P365 too.
    And I know you love me. You just want to be blog twinsies again ;oP


    Amy @ babybabylemon Reply:

    BloggyTwins powers activate! Form of an ice cube! Shape of a robot!

  • Ugh about your health. I had, what I would describe as, bad heartburn before I had O. And then I had MHMYGAWDTHEPAIN heartburn when I was pregnant, so I feel for you. It STINKS. I hope it gets resolved, and soon!


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