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I’m on the Fence!

Hey everyone! I’m going to try not to be annoying about this, but I am asking for your votes to help make me an internet sensation. Or in the very least, help me beat Amy so I don’t have to buy her meatballs. Yeah, we play for meatballs around here. Specifically: Swedish Meatballs. MORE specifically? IKEA Swedish Meatballs.

It’s serious business, folks.

So, all I ask is you click the button below to vote for me. You can also find the little button on my left-hand sidebar. So any day you happen to stop by to read, you can click on it to vote for me! You can vote for me once a day.*

So CLEEK the button? Pretty please? With lingonberries on top? Thank you!

*Yes, I’m aware of how many times I wrote “vote for me”. I hope to bury it in your subconscious so you always want to stop by and vote for me. Vote for me.

4 comments to I’m on the Fence!

  • Done. I am done voting for you. Just to beat you I might tell my in-real-life friends about the blog. ::shudder::


    natalie Reply:

    Ooh, that’s being totally serial, Lemon. Are yeh skared?


    Amy @ babybabylemon Reply:

    OR, I could just have my team of hackers change the coding on your button to vote for me…


    natalie Reply:

    You and your fantasy hacker team.

    What if I don’t like the meatballs? I’ve never had them. What if I don’t even WANT the meatballs? We should make a meatball trophy.

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