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P90X Update: Week 8

Day 57 (Monday): I woke up, feeling…weird. I was nauseous and couldn’t stop burping. I kind of thought it was because I had eaten a little too late the night before and so I shrugged it off and got into my head that I WOULD be doing Yoga. I drug my feet a bit, and finally got motivated, burping and nausea be damned. It was not pretty. I did all of the beginning workout, burping the whole time, until we got about 30 minutes in. I fast forwarded until I hit the stretching poses, and it was all downhill from there. I maybe got 45-50 minutes in. I had to stop, so I started watching Sophia do YogaX and taking pictures.

Day 58 (Tuesday): Today was slightly better, I was writing the problems from the day before off and determined to make this week awesome. While I felt slightly nauseous and had some digestive issues early in the morning, I figured I was free and clear and perhaps it was in my head, so I started the workout. As soon as the warm-up started, Miss Sophia came out with a massive pull-up situation. I didn’t even pause the routine, so I missed warming up (about 10 minutes) which proved to be stupid on my part. I got a cramp during a few exercises, but overall, I managed to finish the workout. I felt yucky all day but again, I brushed it off.

Day 59 (Wednesday): There was no brushing off. In the grocery store I couldn’t focus because of my nausea. It was so bad, I decided to go home and take a pregnancy test, as the nausea was reminiscent of when I got pregnant with Sophia and didn’t realize it for a few weeks. The test was negative, but I knew I couldn’t work out, because of the nausea, which bummed me out because I like Kenpo.

Day 60 (Thursday): No relief. I finally decided that this was getting slightly ridiculous. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t do anything without being in pain. The nausea, burning and indigestion was making me miserable. I ate soup. I ate toast. I ate a banana. The BRAT diet wasn’t working, and it felt like something other than a stomach virus, so I made a call to my doctor. Unfortunately the earliest appointment wasn’t until Monday, but since it didn’t feel life threatening, I took it.

Day 61 (Friday): Yeah, I’ve got nothing. I ate toast, soup, and part of a Costco churro. I whined a lot. I got on my own nerves.

Day 62 (Saturday): My day included eating a biscuit that made me hurt, getting hungry and eating crackers w/ some lean turkey & cheese and winding up feeling like my chest and stomach was on fire, and taking the girls out to eat to a really fun restaurant with an amazing menu and finding nothing that tempted me except for a french fry duo (regular & sweet potato fries). I ate a small portion of those and instantly regretted it.  Nothing seemed to work. It all made me hurt. I made Bill stop at CVS where I bought yet another pregnancy test, since the other one had been under the sink for awhile. Just in case. It was negative.

Day 63 (Sunday): Not much change. I try to eat, it hurts, I don’t try to eat, I become lightheaded and cranky. It’s a no win. Which is why I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get myself sorted out.

Here are a few things I think will make my workout better after Week 8:

  • Obviously, don’t be sick.

Notes for Week 8:

  • I did lose some weight this week, almost two pounds. I would be excited about it, but since I hardly ate much, I am attributing the weight loss to this, and while I want to be optimistic it will stay off, I will be practical and say that I won’t beat myself up if it doesn’t.
  • I need to take measurements, but seeing as I how I do not feel my best, I am going to wait another week. I will also wait a few days until I get sorted out before I take any “60 day” photos.
  • I’m a bit nervous about what is going on with me. I do not want my progress to be derailed, but I will have to listen to my doctor’s orders and if it is serious, I will need to get myself well before I can go any further on the program. Part of me thinks it could be an ulcer, as the symptoms seem to align with what I have been told an ulcer feels like, but I am stopping short of self-diagnosing because that’s the doctor’s job.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I am sorry this week has been kind of a dud, but I swear I am going to get myself sorted and be back to kicking butt on P90X!

4 comments to P90X Update: Week 8

  • Hope you feel better soon!


    natalie Reply:

    Thanks! I hope so too! B/c I really am tired of being a grumpus.


  • I was sick all week too, skipped every single Stroller Strides class AND ate too much junk because I didn’t feel well enough to cook. There is nothing like being physically unable to work out to make you suddenly really really want to work out. I’m hoping it gives me the motivation to work extra hard when I get back on track.


    natalie Reply:

    I hope you start feeling better soon! But you’re right, as much as I might grump that I have to workout when I first wake up, I do love the way I feel AFTER I’m done with my daily workout. Now that it has been taken away I’m itching to go back.


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