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P90X Update: Week 7 (Redux)

Day 50 (Monday): Partially because I had been sick and was still recovering, partially because I had taken the week off, I was struggling with today’s workout. I didn’t attempt the Dreya Roll (some days I’ve got it, today just wasn’t one of those days), nor did I get through all of the push-ups. And I was really not able to keep up as I had previously, but I still felt like I had given it everything I had, instead of half-assing it.

Day 51 (Tuesday): I actually enjoy cardio. It’s the shortest workout of the week, but I always feel like I do the most and I’m not sitting around or waiting for the next exercise. I was sweaty and gross at the end, so that means something, right? I felt good about the entire workout.

Day 52 (Wednesday): Today was shaping up to be an incredibly busy day. I was crunched for time, so I decided to not do the Ab Ripper first, and just go to the actual workout, which I did, with incredible intensity. I tried every single exercise and attempted every push-up, noticing I was doing more than what I had previously done on some of them. My arms and chest ached after, but it felt nice. I assumed I would have time in the afternoon to do the Ab Ripper, but no such luck, we were so busy I didn’t get home until late and then we went out again for a family get-together.

Day 53 (Thursday): I was so sore. I woke up thinking there was no way I would be able to complete anything, much less an hour and a half of YogaX, but I decided to do it anyway. While I fell out of a good handful of poses, still didn’t attempt Crane, and was interrupted a few times by my children, I got through the entire workout. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to remember that the program is designed appropriately. The Yoga helped stretch everything I thought was too sore to do anything. Also? I totally rocked the Plough and Shoulder Stand. Got my feet over my head and touching the floor. Flexibility YEAH!

Day 54 (Friday): My butt is still feeling the effects of this workout, two days later. I did all of the lunges, and used my ten pound bands for all of the pull up exercises. I attempted every exercise and was successful except for the Single Leg Wall Squat. That is hard. And I did try, but failed after a few seconds. When my hour was up? I also did the Ab Ripper X workout in its entirety. I did the full 25 reps for the first two exercises, and then felt my energy slipping, so made an attempt to do at least 10-12 for every other exercise. I was successful except for the second-to-last one, where I think I got 5. I was toast and wanted to finish somewhat strongly.

Day 55 (Saturday): I love Kenpo X, but I was so sore today I wasn’t at my usual level of intensity. Don’t get me wrong, I did the whole workout, but near the end, some of my kicks were kind of half-hearted ones. I still felt decent after the workout and positive about what I had done.

Day 56 (Sunday): I’m resting. Olivia woke up with a really high fever last night, so I am a little preoccupied (hence the late posting of this update), and am planning on spending the day snuggling with her and making her as comfortable as possible so we can hopefully nip whatever it is in the bud and I don’t have to redo another week.

Here are a few things I think will make my workout better after Week 7 (redux):

  • Keep writing my food intake down. I started strong this week, but got sidetracked and waffled a bit. I’ve got to be better!
  • Dairy is definitely my enemy (cheese, sour cream and yogurt are still on the fence–further testing will be needed). Field tests are proving that milk & whey protein powder are to be eliminated from my diet. Also? Luna Protein Bars. I ate two this past week and couldn’t figure out the stomach cramps and gas until Bill pointed out I should probably read the label. It was my idiot moment of the week. I am not proud, but at least now I know.

Notes for Week 7 (redux):

  • I gained half a pound back. For a total of 1 pound gained back in the past two weeks. Yes of course I am bummed. I keep losing and gaining the same damn weight. BUT I am forcing myself to keep remembering my inches lost and trying to keep in mind that it is a marathon, not a sprint. I still feel really good about myself.
  • I did nap more this week (earlier in the week), but I think it is because I am still building my strength and endurance back up. Closer to the end of the week, I noticed my energy levels did rise somewhat.

Thank you for your continued support and positive comments! They mean the world to me!

Next week is my recovery week and my schedule will be less intense, but will include two days of Yoga. Wish me luck!

1 comment to P90X Update: Week 7 (Redux)

  • Congrats on the shoulder stand and plough! Next week is our recovery week, and I am DREADING the 2 days of yoga- especially since we will be doing it on vacation! I don’t know if I will ever attempt crane.


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