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P90X Update: Week 7

This was a week of sickness, non-exercise, and a decision to redo my week 7. But, in honor of full disclosure I am posting how my week went.

Day 43 (Monday): I only got half of my workout done, as we had company coming over and they came earlier than I anticipated. We spent the day together so I was unable to finish later in the day. Okay, so MAYBE I could have finished my workout, but I had a belly full of sushi. And it was good.

Day 44 (Tuesday): Totally did the entire Cardio workout and felt good after.

Day 45 (Wednesday): I started with the Ab Ripper X, but knew something was off about halfway through. I had no energy and felt drained. I didn’t finish all of the exercises, but dutifully went about the Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout. I knew I was done about 20 minutes into it. I just had nothing to give. I couldn’t figure it out. I spent the rest of the day on the couch, hoping whatever it was would pass.

Day 46 (Thursday): I got up. I got the girls breakfast. I laid on the couch. I fell into a half-sleep. I did this most of the day. My body ached, my throat was weird, and I felt like I was on the edge of being REALLY sick, but not quite there. I was in a mental funk and felt really sad a lot of the day.

Day 47 (Friday): I still felt crappy, so I laid in bed (Bill was home) and slept on and off until lunchtime.

Day 48 (Saturday): I thought maybe I was feeling better, but I still had that weird throat feeling and didn’t want to risk overexertion. Or maybe I just knew in the back of my head I was going to redo the week and why bother?

Day 49 (Sunday): My throat is still weird, and I’m head-achy, but overall, my energy level feels higher, so I’m hopeful one more day of relaxing will bring me back to 100%.

Here are a few things I think will make my workout better after Week 7:

  • I’m glad I listened to my body. I hated not completing the week, and I hate that I am having to “redo” the week, but the sheer fact that I’m willing to go an extra week beyond what I thought I was going to have to do, tells me this program has definitely changed my outlook on exercise. I may not be cut out for a 6-day a week program for the rest of my life, but I can’t cut it out entirely. I know that now.
  • I need to find a soy-based protein powder. (Warning, TMI ahead) I had been having the most horrible gas and I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was Diet Coke (and I almost had a heart-attack) but after a week of not eating smoothies and not having gas, and THEN having Bill bring me a smoothie that had dairy in it and the gas returning…well, hello lactose intolerance. I always thought that was what it was, but also thought “meh, I only drink milk occasionally and who does it hurt, really? It’s just farting.” Well. The Whey Powder takes the “just farting” to massive “I’m going to divorce myself” levels.

Notes for Week 7:

  • I gained .4 pounds back. Though considering my week of no exercise, coupled with me almost devouring a whole red velvet cake alone (I’m not proud of it, but it happens and it was over the course of the week…those sneaky bites add up) AND eating more take-out than normal (sick=no cooking), I’m okay with that.
  • I’m not going to dwell on this week. I don’t consider it a “failure”.

So, see you back here next week for Week 7, redux.

8 comments to P90X Update: Week 7

  • I’m sorry you were sick but what a GREAT attitude to have! My ability to fall off a wagon so hard I never get back up is why I own five different exercise plan DVDs that I have never gotten past week 3 with. I hope you’re 100% back to healthy soon!


    Natalie Reply:

    Thanks. I’m trying, really I am. If you had asked me on Thursday or Friday I may have said “Screw the program, I’m never exercising again” but after the fog lifted I realized that it IS working (slowly but surely) and I DO feel better when I do the work. Even if psyching myself up to do it sometimes takes awhile.


  • I give you a lot of credit for sticking with it after being sick. We just started week two, and (besides wanting to punch Tony for being a conceded ass) I’m barely getting by with telling myself it WILL get easier. Week 7 feels like years away at this point.


    Natalie Reply:

    Thanks. Tony can be a bit much, but really, he’s kind of a goof ball and his jokes are lame. So, he can be as fit as he wants to, but he’s still a lame goofball. At least, saying that helps me from wanting to kick him in the teeth.

    I especially hate the whole “oh, you can get old and ugly and yucky or you can stay fit and toned.” My grandma may be old, but she’s not ugly and yucky, thankyouverymuch ;o)


  • Although I am truly sorry you have to repeat a week, it was a great thing for me to see. It looks like we started P90X roughly the same time. I have been dedicated to it, but this week I too became ill and lethargic and missed 3 of the workouts. I continued to say I’d double up on days but that didn’t happen because of me feeling sop ill. I’m starting to see my belly fight its way back. I started on 01/03/11 and was supposed to finish in the beginning of April, but it looks like it’ll be a week later. ( Which is fine… guarantees I’ll be in shape closer to the summer lol) Again, sorry to hear that you lost a week, but know that you have company that is repeating the very same week !!!!!!


    Natalie Reply:

    I guess there really is something going around, and I’m glad to know it wasn’t just in my head 🙂 Sorry to hear you were ill, but next week we will get back on track! Good luck with the program! Thank you for stopping by and your words of encouragement, I really appreciate them!


  • Speaking of lactose intolerance, I think I might have that too. It’s truly depressing, because I love me some dairy! Boo hoo.


    Natalie Reply:

    It does suck, but as long as I just pick and choose my “poison” a little gas now and again won’t hurt me. You can pry my frozen yogurt out of my cold, dead, hands. :oP

    Luckily, cheese doesn’t seem to bother me TOO much.


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