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For Women

Wordless Wednesday: “That girl is all about the ass…”

I want to see your Wordless Wednesdays too! Link up over at BabyBabyLemon!!

2 comments to Wordless Wednesday: “That girl is all about the ass…”

  • Too cute and yes, we’re big boom boom people here too! Okay, wait, your title isn’t a Glee/Fat Bottom Girl reference is it?


    Natalie Reply:

    I was afraid using “ass” would be off-putting for a baby’s behind, but it’s actually a quote from the show Friends. It’s the one when Ross sings ‘Baby Got Back’ to Emma (The one with the inappropriate song)

    This picture just kept cracking me up and demanded that particular quote. All of my WW quotes this year will (hopefully) be Friends quotes. As an added fun bonus ;o)


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