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Birthdays, the wedding, a fall, new words–a busy couple of weeks!

My birthday was wonderful, lots of fantastic people called to wish me a great day (my mom called me first thing in the morning), and we went out for a really great sushi dinner. I also stopped by Barnes & Noble and FINALLY got a journal for the new baby. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I started a journal when I was pregnant with Olivia and try to write in it as often as possible (ie: not as often as I really want to), and I wanted to do the same for the second baby. I felt very accomplished, even if I did start a tad bit later with this journal than I did with Olivia’s (only a month or so, I think–not too bad!).

We were scheduled to leave Thursday afternoon for the city the wedding would be taking place in, so I was trying to get lots of things done and packed. I must have forgotten that I am pregnant (which can lead to clumsiness) and I had quite a scare while coming back upstairs to take the laundry out. All is well, but it really made me slow down and realize that I can’t do as much when I’m almost 6 months pregnant as I could when I wasn’t.

Olivia and I were coming back up from the garage (where the laundry room is located) and some jackass had parked his big van in our driveway (illegally I might add), so I had to walk around the back of the van, which caused me to have to step out onto the street. There is a tiny little curb (maybe an inch or two) where the driveway and the street meet, and when I was coming back up onto the driveway, I tripped and fell, with Olivia in my arms. Luckily, my mommy-instinct kicked in and I threw my knee down and my arm out to stop the fall. Olivia was on my opposite hip, so she didn’t get hurt, just a tiny bit of road rash on her eyebrow. The shock of the fall was worse than the actual scratch she got. I didn’t fall on my stomach, since the driveway was at a slight incline, and I had stopped the majority of the fall with my knee and arm. I was terrified, however, that I had hurt Olivia, because I just saw her little head hit the driveway and it broke my heart into a million pieces. I mean, I’m the one that is supposed to protect her from harm, not cause it. Fortunately, I had stopped most of her momentum by keeping my other arm (that was holding her) from moving forward (mommy-instinct, dumb-luck, whatever it was). She basically landed in my other arm, but she still had a hit the cement a little (hence the tiny scratch/road rash above her eye).

After I had gotten to our front door, she had pretty much calmed down, I accessed the situation and decided that she was okay–no major damage done. She had cookies and juice and had forgotten the episode and was watching Blue’s Clues while I started freaking out about my other baby, and thinking I had done some horrible irreparable damage. I called Bill who told me to calm down and call the doctor’s office. It wasn’t quite 9:30 (the time they open), so I called my mom. She too told me to calm down (I was sobbing by this point) because she knew I didn’t want Olivia to see me this upset, because it would make her upset. That calmed me down pretty quickly. She also told me to drink a glass of orange juice or soda or something with caffeine and then lay down. If I could still feel the baby move around and I wasn’t bleeding, I was okay and the baby was okay. I did just that and my baby was moving around normally. When I got in touch with my doctor’s office, they told me that my mom told me the right thing, and since I hadn’t fallen on my belly (and I KNEW that I hadn’t after going over the incident in my head a hundred times) I was okay, but I could very well request an ultrasound if I felt it was necessary. I thought about it, and Bill and I decided that to expose the baby to a possibly unnecessary ultrasound when all signs pointed to ‘okay’ would be irresponsible on our parts. I had a scheduled appointment that following Tuesday, so I decided to wait, unless I noticed any abnormalities (bleeding, non-movement, etc.).

The end result is that my baby is still okay, no harm done, Olivia’s scratch had almost disappeared by Saturday and I had a busted up knee to rival any 10 year old’s, a chunk of skin missing from my pinky finger, a cut on my palm and road rash on my elbow. Basically: I took the brunt of the fall. But, I wouldn’t have had it ANY other way, and I am so thankful that I was the one cut up and not my babies.

The wedding weekend was very busy, but great. My friend was absolutely stunning and everything went off with out a hitch. Olivia did amazingly well. At rehearsal Bill stood at the back of the church and after I entered (I was the last bridesmaid to walk out) he would tell Olivia to “go get mama” and she RAN down the isle, giggling the whole way. She came to me pretty well (once she tried to go to the alter) and we thought she would be fine for the wedding. After she did her part, Bill walked down the side of the pews (out of the way, near the windows) and took Olivia (who wouldn’t stand still for the entirety of the vows/etc.) and took her to the Sunday School room, where they had books and things to look at during the ceremony. This backfired on us during the actual wedding.

During the ceremony, she still did a wonderful job, she tripped on her dress and fell, and then couldn’t get back up because she kept stepping on the front of her dress, so Bill walked out and helped her get untangled. She finished running down the isle, where I had to grab her because I saw she was heading towards the alter. She thought it was a game and started giggling, but overall it was adorable and we got a ton of compliments on how well she did. After she did her part, Bill came and took her from me. Okay: this may may sound like it was intrusive, and a wedding disruption, but I was at the end of the bridesmaid line, near the wall where Bill would come up and discreetly grab her from behind me, and the Sunday School door was right there also. It probably sounds very tacky, but it went very smoothly. Anyway, she happily played during the ceremony and when the “husband and wife” announcement was made, Bill tried to bring her out to me so she could walk back down the isle. Unfortunately at this point she decided to have a mini meltdown. It was almost 3p.m., she hadn’t had a nap all day, with the exception of a mini-nap in her car seat on the way to the wedding site and she was hungry. She also didn’t want to leave the fun room with all of the books and toys! So, Bill brings her out and she starts crying, and I carry her down the isle on the arm of my groomsman. She’s crying, burying her face into me and by the time we get to the end of the isle, where the photographer was, she had calmed down enough to look up and semi-smile (I think–we’ll see the pictures soon).

She did very well during the photos, the reception was a blast (she even danced for a little bit), but we knew we would be calling it a night early, and we left after all of the traditional reception events took place. She slept on the way home (woke up near the end, but was quiet), and we all slept in on Sunday morning. I was a proud mama, because the whole weekend we had compliments on her behavior and how cute she was (which is an ego boost).

I am getting myself prepared for our trip to visit the family next week. I’m not so nervous this go-round, because she has been doing so well lately, and it is easier to keep her occupied (between her colors and books she can happily play for hours). Bill and I are amazed at how quickly she is picking things up. Every day it is something new. She knows a few colors (Blue, Green & Orange), the letter B (and sometimes she can point out “O”), and she is very quick at learning new words when she doesn’t know what something is. She will say a gibberish word and we correct her, and she always copies the word, most of the time remembering it later. She is also starting to put sentences together, which has been blowing our mind. She started out by saying “more” and then whatever it was she wanted. As soon as an episode of Blue’s Clues goes off, she will say (and usually sign) “More” and then “Buuu”. Then I was telling her that I was going to give her oatmeal. And I said “yep, you’re gonna get your baby oatmeal” and she said “baby….oatmeal”. Then she went on to “Baby Wipes” and recently she saw a tube of Desitin with a sleeping baby on it, and said “Baby Nigh-Nigh”.

But, perhaps the biggest jaw dropper for us was when I was walking out of a store with her and heard her say something that still causes us to scratch our heads in amazement. The store we were leaving just so happens to butt up against a store that has a HUGE logo plastered to the side. We were walking and all of a sudden I hear her say “Bes Bye” and I’m thinking “What is she talking about?” and then I see her pointing to the huge yellow “Best Buy” logo saying excitedly “Bes Bye…Bes Bye”. I was floored and had to call Bill. Sure, we love Best Buy and Bill stops in there a lot on the way home from work or whatnot, but we rarely take her into the store. We don’t watch too many commercials around her (Love Love our DVR!) and none of her programming has commercials. I mean, I’m sure that she has seen a Best Buy commercial or two before, but I honestly don’t believe it is something she sees daily (or even weekly), which is why it was so surprising. After that, I thought “maybe I was imagining things or maybe she meant something else” so later that day, Bill showed her a coupon from Best Buy and sure enough she started chattering excitedly “Bes Bye” when she saw the logo. Last night Bill and her were watching a Laker Game and when I came back into the room he had paused the game and asked me to take a look at the screen and asked me what I thought Olivia said when she saw the screen (it was during a free-throw attempt btw). I said ‘basketball’ (her normal response) and he laughs “nope”. I go through a few more obscure answers, when he finally says “Bes Bye” and at first I thought it was because of the gold in the uniforms, but he told me to look at the OTHER end of the court at the bottom of the basket. Sure enough, there was a tiny little Best Buy logo that I had to squint to make out on our HUGE flat screen tv. Amazing.

Olivia also experienced her first ever birthday party (aside from her own!). Our friends have a son who just turned a year old and we went to the party. I was nervous because I knew Olivia likes to run around, and it was an indoor party, but she behaved beautifully. She was so sweet to the birthday boy, trying to give him hugs as he sat on Bill’s lap. He wasn’t so sure about her (who is this crazy kid grabbing me and hugging me?) but it was SO adorable! I wish I had gotten a picture (but I think someone else did, hopefully!) I also wish I had had more room in my stomach, the food was DELICIOUS! Olivia particularly enjoyed the cheese and fruit. So much so that she grabbed a whole strawberry from the table behind us as I was trying to take a bite of food (she was eating on my lap) and shoved it in her mouth. Cheeky little monkey. Luckily I was able to get a big chunk of it out and the rest she was able to chew up enough and swallow without incident. We had a nice time and I’m so glad we went. She got balloons after the party and played with them all evening before bed and the next day (after they were no longer floaty) she kicked them around the living room. She had a blast with them. There was also a really cool party favor bucket (a terrific idea btw!), which included an inflatable beach ball. If I had known that an inflatable beach ball would have kept her as entertained as it has, I would have gone out and bought a case of them months ago.

We’re car-sitting for my mother-in-law since she’s out of town for the week, which is awesome, we are a one car family. I have been able to run to the grocery store, Costco, etc. while Bill is at work, freeing up the afternoons and weekend to just enjoy being together. I’m hoping to get together with a few friends this week for lunch also, so here’s hoping our schedules mesh!

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