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21 weeks, 5 days!

I am now 21 weeks, 5 days pregnant. I can’t believe that my due date is less than 130 days away. Possibly earlier, considering Olivia’s early birth. Last week we went in for the “BIG” ultrasound, and only waited 1 hour this time! Considering we had Olivia to contend with while waiting it was a blessing. Luckily Bill was with me, because there was no way I could have kept her occupied the entire time. He had the energy to take her walking up and down the corridor and pointing out all the pictures on the wall. He’s such a good daddy!

We went in and saw our normal, beautiful, healthy baby developing right on track. The doctor told us that everything looked perfect and he saw nothing to indicate there would be any problems, nor did he need to see us again (unless our regular doctor decided he wanted us to have another visit). He asked us if we wanted to know the sex, and we declined. I’m not sure if he would have been able to tell us anyway, since once again (like his/her big sister), the baby was wiggling around a LOT and had his/her little feet crossed at the ankles. We actually saw the two little feet and toes. It was amazing. It is really sinking in that we are having another baby.

When you’re pregnant the first time, you are so focused on the pregnancy and all that goes along with it, because it is all so new. Now, I am so busy with Olivia I don’t have as much time to worry about my expanding waistline (which, is not expanding as much as before, it seems!). Again, this is not to say this baby (or pregnancy) isn’t just as important or I’m not just as excited, BUT, you can’t sit around and dwell on the things going on with your body quite as much as you (or I) did the first pregnancy. However, because I kind of know what to expect, I am finding myself enjoying everything a bit more. I’m not worried about a lot of the things I worried about while pregnant with Olivia. Sure, I have this whole other list of things that make me nervous (namely: having two babies under two), but overall, I am just enjoying myself.

The day after our “big” ultrasound, we went to my regular doctor for a routine check-up and found out the AFP bloodtest was normal, which made us VERY happy. As far as modern medicine can tell us, we have a completely normal, healthy baby. Well…normal is relative, considering the family this child is being born into, but you get the idea. The doctor said I wasn’t gaining too much weight, and so far as I can tell, I’m “normal” in the weight gain department, my belly pokes out more this time, but it’s because the uterus knows what’s going on.

I’m still craving meat and cheese. I could eat hot dogs and hamburgers all the time (but I try to limit it to maybe once a week for one or the other). I love drinking milk with Nesquick mixed in (ie: chocolate milk, but only that kind!), BIG dill pickles (Mt. Olive only!), salty stuff (Salt & Vinegar chips, oddly enough). I eat ice cream, but I’m leaning more towards vanilla-based flavors, instead of the chocolate ones I craved with Olivia. OH: Peanut Butter M&Ms are also on my list of cravings.

I’m so freaking healthy. However, just because I crave these items does not mean I eat them all the time. I swear! I’m trying to be more aware of what I’m eating. The only problem with that is that some days I am not as hungry as others. I’m trying to “eat when hungry” and (for example) yesterday, I didn’t eat until 1p.m. (a salad) and then while cooking dinner at 5, I was starving so I munched on Triscuits and cheese. I hate letting it get to that point, but because I had no ‘hunger cues’, I wasn’t thinking of eating (Olivia was keeping me occupied also!). Other days I graze all day long. I’m not sure which is worse.

I mentioned in an earlier post how I had been feeling the baby move around. Not soon after that, this baby started kicking. Fiercely. I started feeling the kicks much earlier than I remember feeling Olivia kick. This kid is teeny tiny right now (not even a pound yet, I don’t think) and is packing quite the wallop (Yes, I know it will only get more intense!). It is amazing though. If I am sitting a certain way, this baby will let me know “Mama, you need to move, I am cramped” or “hey, remember me in here?”. Very active. Bill felt him/her last night, which was cool, since it seems to be earlier than when we felt Olivia. It has been something he has been waiting for since we first found out we were pregnant. Very cute. He tried laying his head on my tummy to get kicked in the face, but nothing yet. It will happen! Olivia understands a bit more about the “baby in the belly” she is always exposing my belly and pointing, saying “baby”. I assume she is trying to see the baby or something. She also gives my belly kisses or hugs when we ask her if she wants to give the baby kisses or hugs. So sweet. Makes your heart melt.

The pregnancy dreams are pretty intense too. Last night I dreamed we had a baby boy, with blue eyes (like his daddy) and later developed blonde hair. The weirdest thing was the baby had dark skin and all of my older relatives were accusing me of cheating, even though the baby looked like Bill. I was so mad in the dream. I was still kind of pissed when I woke up, actually.

I’ll stop promising to update more, but I swear it isn’t personal! I love to update the blog, I have just been so drained. I’ll do the best I can, that I promise!

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  • Lotts

    Hi, congratulations!! I am currently 21 weeks and 5 days! I found out the sex on my 20 week scan, I’m having a girl! She is due 15th June 🙂 I am also craving cheese, salt and vinegar crisps and ice-cream!! Lol let me know what you have and I have you enjoy your pregnancy! Do you have any names yet? X


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