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I was always so stoked about the “lap child rides for free until age 2” policy airlines have. Who wouldn’t be? You can fly to visit the family (or wherever), without having to pay for an extra seat for two whole years! It’s wonderful! Terrific! Great!

Yeah, until they hit about a year old I would imagine. Actually, probably closer to 9 or 10 months, when the child wants to wiggle, squirm and not sit still for 4-5 hours at a time. Sure, this may not be true for all children, perhaps you have a perfectly wonderful toddler who wants to sit still and relax on your lap for long stretches of time. My child is so well-behaved I thought “how can I go wrong?” However, since I had not flown with Miss O since she was about 9 months old (and still nursing), this trip was an experience.

This is not to say that she was bad: she wasn’t. In fact, our flight over was not too bad, we just did a lot of going to the bathroom to change diapers, drank a LOT of juice, ate a LOT of snacks and read a LOT of books. Luckily the seat next to us was free, so we were able to utilize that and enjoy a pretty stress free trip. Sure she was tired and cranky at the end, wanted nothing to do with sitting still and tried to run, walk, and crawl (of all things!) all over the airport after we got off of one plane and were waiting for the next, but she didn’t cry or fuss and she was pretty darn well-behaved. I even had one woman comment on how wonderful she was, and how terrific a mother I was with her. Really made my day!

That being said: I will be purchasing a seat for Olivia from now on. I had sorta made my mind up on the trip out, but coming back home DEFINITELY made me see the light. But, it wasn’t her fault (as you will read in later posts: I promise!) however, I feel like at this point, my tummy will only get bigger, she will only get heavier and squirmier, and we were just blessed by the heavens that we had open seats on each of our flights. (Thank you Lord!)

Our seat-mate on the way home (who was such a lovely, lovely woman!) said “yeah, I remember ‘that trip’, the one where you realize you have to buy a seat for your toddler. It seems like everyone has to go through that, so don’t worry, you’re doing fine!”

I swear, it was so much easier when I could stick a boob in her mouth and she would fall asleep for a few hours out of the trip!

But we made it to my mom’s house in one piece, where it was COLD and where luckily my mom had gotten Olivia a few winter coats (I couldn’t find any big enough ones around here!), so she was snuggled up nice and cozy (and looked a lot like a little Eskimo with the furry hood).

Unfortunately the day before our flight I had developed a sore throat. I really didn’t think much of it, because I had not had a full-on cold for a few years. I thought it was just my sinuses draining and causing an itchy throat. Oh I was so so wrong! I did not escape this cold. I don’t think I’ve had one that bad since before I was married. Since I was pregnant, I couldn’t take any medications, nor did I want to, but it made the recovery process a bit more drawn out and miserable. The whole trip, I slept with the vaporizer running every night, did lots of saline solutions, sucked on lots of cough drops (they’re non-medicated!) and tried the Netipot which I highly recommend for all people with a stuffy nose. Whether it be from a cold or just your normal sinuses, this thing really helped. I think that my being sick contributed to the stress of flying that day. However, I would take my being sick and flying over Olivia’s being sick and flying any day!

More on that later…

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