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Project 365: Days 161-188 (June 10-July 7)

Brace yourself. With my vacation and the subsequent onslaught of photos that needed to be edited and sorted I fell behind on my Project 365 postings. So, I have almost a whole month of photos for your viewing enjoyment. So sit back and enjoy.

161/365 New Shoes! I’ve been lusting after these […]

Project 365: Days 154-160 (June 3-9)

154/365 Boo-Boo! Sophia fell and scraped her knee. Hello Kitty & mama’s kisses helped make it better. 155/365 Blueberries! I had a yummy late night snack. 156/365 Tiara making: The girls created tiaras at a friend’s princess birthday party. 157/365 New shirt day! Someone had their stock of Star Wars shirts replinished. […]

Project 365: Days 147-153 (May 27-June 2)

147/365 Sophia checking on the bushes in the front yard. 148/365 Pool play: The girls had a blast playing in the pool with their squirt toys! 149/365 Bedtime Story: Olivia enjoyed her new (old) book I found at a used bookstore. 150/365 Repurposing. Olivia used an old colander from my kitchen as […]

Project 365: Days 64-70 (March 5-11)

64/365 Coloring. Waiting patiently for her dinner on our family “date night” at Barney’s Beanery.

65/365 Perspective. Olivia crawling through the rope ‘web’ at the park. I just thought this was a neat perspective.

I took over 50 pictures at the park on Sunday morning in the hour or […]

Project 365: Days 57-63 (February 26-March 4)

57/365 Snow? Not exactly snow or hail, somewhere in the middle, but it was a VERY unusual sight for Southern California. The girls enjoyed being able to experience it in their backyard.

I took so many fun pictures on Saturday, but this might be my favorite one, they were being so sweet […]