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9ae77f77d51dbdef335316bc67015320Hi! I’m Natalie, a Southern girl, living in the Los Angeles area. I studied journalism in college, got my feet wet working in the industry, then I got married and pregnatized. I have two amazing girls: Olivia, who was born in October of 2006 and Sophia, who joined us in July of 2008.

I was a stay at home mom up until recently, now I am an elementary school librarian, a job I absolutely adore. I spent a few years being a single mom, went through a divorce, and am now in love with pretty much the most fantastic man I’ve ever met.

I love to read, but need to take more time to do so. I’m a fan of sci-fi, true crime TV, Friends and cooking (among other things). I consider myself an advanced amateur photographer, so expect lots of photos…just not of faces. In fact, mine may be the only one you ever see. I never thought it was a “thing” but apparently it is. (edit: I may or may not start showing faces, need to shake it up a bit)

The past three years have been pretty rough, hence my sporadic postings. If you are interested in the classy details, you can read this post, or even better: this post.

I have grown and changed a LOT in the past three years. But some things stay the same: my kids are still amusing and I’m still wanting to write about it. Overall, I am happy. I’m not jaded, I’m not bitter (okay, maybe only a teeny bitter) and I know that there are lessons to be learned in everything. I’ve learned perfect families do not exist. We’re all perfectly imperfect and I’ve decided to stop pretending everything is okay or great if it’s not. But…I’m still annoyingly optimistic.

While I originally wanted this blog to focus on the more positive little things in life that make up the whole, I now also see the little victories, little steps forward, little steps back, those little teeny things that seem insignificant, good AND bad, that can alter your entire life are also important.

I still hope that one day, somewhere in their memories, will be all of the little things my children thought they forgot. But I am coming to learn that they will probably also feel some sadness by some of those little things. And that’s okay. Life isn’t perfect. It isn’t black and white, and it isn’t always tied up and presented to you in a nice, neat package.

Even though they are getting older, they are still kind of like “things” sometimes. Snotty, coughing, slobbering, yelling, crying, dirty, humorous, insightful, crazy, beautiful, AMAZING…things. You don’t know from one minute to the next what they are going to do.

Believe me, it gets crazier (yet even more amazing) by the day.

My “Little Things” artwork is a watercolor drawing, created by my best good friend, Stephanie. She’s a super-duper talented artist and you should check out her blog, every day a line to see more of her work. I love her and you will too!