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P90X Update: Week 4

This was my recovery week. My workouts were different and I had two days of rest/stretch instead of one.

Day 22 (Monday): Today I did Yoga X. I think in previous weeks I have glossed over the fact that there are lots of poses that are beyond my skill level, nor do I have […]

P90X Update: Week 3

Day 15 (Monday): I felt even stronger and better today, I attempted EVERY exercise, even the inhumane Dreya Roll, which, I failed miserably at and almost fractured my rib (no, not really), but I tried it, dammit. I am hoping to be able to at least complete a correct Dreya Roll before the end […]

P90X Weekly Update: Week 2

Day 8: (Monday): As I mentioned in last week’s update, I decided to change from the “Classic” program to the “Lean” program, as my goal is to lose weight and not bulk up. So the workout for Monday was Core Synergistics instead of the Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X.

I am so glad I […]

P90X Weekly Update: Week 1

This past Monday I started P90X after deciding I needed something to jumpstart the stagnant weight loss in the past year and a half. I had heard rumblings on the internet about the program, so I asked Bill what he had heard about it. He thought it might be worth a shot, but warned […]

The Deal

I have always had a pretty bad body image. I think I’ve discussed this before. I don’t think I’ve talked about what I believe are the reasons for this, but I’m going to take a stab at it.

My mom was a very petite, young mother, who had an awesome body–without even trying (okay, […]