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Fuzzy Wuzzy

Most kids are afraid of normal kid things: monsters, the dark, loud noises, strangers, strange animals, bugs.

Then you have the kids who are afraid of weird things.

Like Sophia.

She’s terrified….of fuzz.

Basically, lint. My kid it afraid of lint. She’s terrified of anything that looks remotely like it: dust bunnies, clumps of […]

The curious incident of the little girl in the morning-time

I’m not a morning person.

Now that I have two kids who are mobile and can get in and out of their own beds, life is much easier. They come into mama & daddy’s room, climb into our bed and will watch cartoons until 7:30-8 (depending on if we have preschool that morning), allowing […]

It’s like they know…

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up feeling sick.


Was I fighting what the girls and Bill had last week? Was it something else? I had no idea. I was in a haze while I got the girls ready, in a haze dropping Olivia off at preschool, barely able […]

Ballerina Girl…

My baby, her hair in a bun, and bobby pins tucked firmly in place.

Her light pink tights on her not-quite-big-girl legs.

Little wisps of hair falling out of the bun, curling around her face.

Twirling, spinning, falling…

“This is First Position, mama!” My little ballerina girl told me today.

She’s growing up so […]

The Results are IN.

I would like to thank all 16 of you who voted in my little “name my new blog” poll. Seriously. I expected much less, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The results are in. Taking a whopping 50% of the vote: ‘Make Way For Geeklings’ was the clear winner.

Too bad I won’t be using […]


A few days ago I was talking about the girls’ names. Basically how we didn’t intentionally plan on having them both end in “IA” but they just so happened to be the names we liked. Now we’ve pretty much decided that if we have a third girl, she will need to have a name […]

The darndest things…

Since I now have two sick kids, today’s post will be a short one.

This weekend, Bill was making Sophia a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she’s been going through a “peanut butter only” phase, but in recent weeks she has requested jelly as well. Since Bill was unsure he asked her “Soph, do […]

Project365: The Outtakes (Days 8-14)

Here are my outtakes from my Project365 for the week. If you missed last week’s post or just want to know what I’m doing, read this.

I totally stole Amy’s idea/format, because it is a good one.

Day 8: By the time I had gotten myself together enough […]

A place which must not be named…

Yesterday we were given a very awesome, VIP tour of a major animation studio that happens to be housed in our city. One of the moms on our parent committee used to work there and her husband still does, so she arranged for the committee members (and our kids) to go on a tour. […]

How NOT to make cheese

Chances are, if you have little children, every now and again you will have a funky smell in your house.

Sometimes, it’s a piece of food that fell from the table and lodged itself away from your view. Or maybe a diaper you forgot about for a few hours when your older kid runs […]