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For Women

Sister for Sale

*kick* *kick* *kick*

“Owww…mamaaaaaa” I heard Sophia crying out, looked over to my girls, who were supposed to be sitting nicely in my bed and watching an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, to see Olivia pushing kicking her sister’s head off of her lap.

I pulled Sophia over to me, kissed her […]

Surviving the Dance (Recital)…

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of tutus, tights, spandex, hairspray and makeup (the last two thankfully skipped over my girl’s hair and face).

I have seen the same performances twice (well, two and a half if you count the partial dress rehearsal I witnessed on Friday). I have seen and heard a […]

Little Things They Said (April 22-May 8)

Olivia didn’t want to cooperate with my efforts at taking her picture, so I jokingly told her that she was born into the wrong family, since I love taking pictures and won’t stop, but I wouldn’t force her to have her photo taken. She looked at Bill and said “I want to move […]

Little Things They Said (This Week April 15-21)

Sophia has become obsessed with the hooded towels we have. She runs around saying she needs her “cape” because she is Darth Vader. She then proceeds to breath heavily. We had another “Really” moment while eating dinner this week.  Bill was recounting the story of how, as teenagers, he & his friends would […]

Little Things They Said (This Week: April 9-14)

(Special thanks to Amy over at Baby Baby Lemon for being the brainchild behind this *hopefully weekly* feature’s name)

I was trying to get the girls to clean their room. Checking on their progress (I was in the living room) I called out “Girls!” No Answer. “GIRLS” Still no answer. Even louder “GIRLS!!” Olivia […]

More Little Things

Yesterday morning, Sophia was playing with the Magna Doodle toy (also known at our house as “grandpa toy” because their grandpa gave it to them). Olivia wanted to play with it. I told her she could have it when Sophia was done playing. So a minute or two goes by and Olivia asks […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I spent my 30th birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth with my favorite people on Earth. The day was amazing, and despite being sick (yes, I said it) I had the best birthday I can ever remember having. We had no agenda, no plans, and it was perfect.

In the 11 years I […]

Little Things-part deux

Olivia wandered into our bedroom one night after she had been put to bed. “Mama?” I was used to her stall tactics, so I looked at her and said “What is it, Olivia?” “You know what Sophia has?” She asked me. “No, what does Sophia have?” “Sophia has a two-head!” “A two-head?” I […]

Little Things…

This past weekend, Olivia woke up in the middle of the night, crying. I ran into her room, asked her what was wrong, and she couldn’t tell me, so I prodded “Did you have a bad dream?” “Uh huh!” she sobbed. “Well, tell me what happened??” “I dreamed….I dreamed….The Easter Bunny came to […]

Baba and Kiki

It is no secret that my children have…shall we say….active imaginations.

I’ve written before of Olivia’s imaginary friends, French Fry, Bookdrawer and Computer. A few months after that, Book entered the picture and has been her main go-to guy.

“Mama, I’m playing with Book right now, and Bookdrawer never wants to share his toys, […]