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Project 365: Days 92-98 (April 2-8)

92/365 Birds eat french fries too! We threw some french fry crumbs out to see if we had any takers during our lunch. We did.

93/365 Easy Like Sunday Morning…Just sitting back, relaxing in mama & daddy’s bed on a Sunday morning. 94/365 Squirt! Playing with our water table friends […]

Project 365: Days 85-91 (March 26-April 1)

85/365 ToonTown! We went to Disneyland for my 30th Birthday, the girls loved playing in ToonTown! 86/365 Yummy Cupcakes! Bill brought home Yummy Cupcakes for my birthday. My favorite? The two lemon tart ones in the bottom right corner.

87/365 Play-Doh in the hand. Sophia playing with her play-doh […]

Project 365: Days 78-84 (March 19-25)

78/365 Crayon Piano. Sophia made a ‘piano’ out of her crayons and proceeded to play it. It was amusing. 79/365 Rainy Day. It rained. A lot. 80/365 Spiderman Ariel. Olivia put this outfit together and declared herself “Spiderman Ariel”.

81/365 Flower Power! Both girls got these fancy hats from […]

Project 365: Days 71-77 (March 12-18)

71/365 Hot Dog on a Stick. We drove 25 miles to get Chick-Fil-A, and my weirdo kids decided they wanted Hot Dog on A Stick.

72/365 Jasmine. From what I can tell, these beautiful (and nice smelling) flowers are of the Star Jasmine variety. They grow in our backyard. 73/365 Baby […]

Project 365: Days 64-70 (March 5-11)

64/365 Coloring. Waiting patiently for her dinner on our family “date night” at Barney’s Beanery.

65/365 Perspective. Olivia crawling through the rope ‘web’ at the park. I just thought this was a neat perspective.

I took over 50 pictures at the park on Sunday morning in the hour or […]

Project 365: Days 57-63 (February 26-March 4)

57/365 Snow? Not exactly snow or hail, somewhere in the middle, but it was a VERY unusual sight for Southern California. The girls enjoyed being able to experience it in their backyard.

I took so many fun pictures on Saturday, but this might be my favorite one, they were being so sweet […]

Project 365: Days 50-56 (February 19-25)

50/365 (Saturday, Feb. 19) Sharing Mama’s headband. Olivia decided she wanted to wear my fancy headband. I think it looks better on her than me. Good thing I ordered two new ones for her and Sophia!

51/365 (Sunday, Feb. 20) Sunshine! It was so nice to wake up […]

Project 365: Days 43-49

43/365 Partytime, Excellent. Someone couldn’t bear to take her hat off, even though we were leaving the birthday party.

44/365 Bicycle Bling. Olivia was given this BEAUTIFUL bike bell for her birthday from our dear friend Traci. We finally put it on the  bike. She absolutely LOVES ringing it to […]

Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 36-42)

Day 36: I had to make myself find something to photograph, as I had two sick, snotty children who were not amused at my photography attempts. I liked the conversation hearts picture though, I thought it turned out okay.

Day 37: Superbowl Sunday. I stayed at home and took care of sick kids, so […]

Project 365: The Outtakes (Days 29-35)

Day 29: We were lazy, so we didn’t do much until the afternoon, when we went out around town. I ultimately went with Cavalia because it was different and I wanted to make sure I was doing more than just pictures of the girls. I did, however take some of Olivia playing Super Mario […]