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Like a little jumping bean

We went to my OB today for a baby check-up. All is well; I’ve gained two pounds (not too bad, I gained twice as much or more at this point with my first pregnancy, so this is promising!). My blood pressure is perfect, and my due date has been pushed to the 17th instead […]

And I thought I would blog MORE

So, this first trimester has pretty much kept me on my ass. Or, on my couch/bed/etc. Whenever I have a spare moment it seems I am resting. Olivia goes down for a nap? So does mama. Olivia goes to bed at night? So does mama. This is not an excuse, just a reason for […]

Butternut Squash Risotto

I just wanted to post this delicious recipe that I tried tonight. I’ve made Butternut Squash Risotto before, and it was good, but we thought it was missing something. After doing some research, I found this recipe and it is so good. The sage & nutmeg really bring the recipe home.

A few tweaks […]

Happy Labor Day

I went back to the doctor yesterday–I’m 3 centimeters dilated and the doctor thinks it would be smart to induce labor. We go tomorrow to have our baby! I was nervous about having the baby three weeks early, but the doctor is afraid that if we let me go much longer, the baby will […]

Next Week?

So, I went to the doctor today and it looks as though we may be having our baby as early as next week if nature doesn’t start things along any sooner.

I am 2 centimeters dilated, and the baby is almost completely effaced, so the doctor says that while he doesn’t like to give […]

Restrictions Lifted!

So, after three weeks of being on moderate bed rest, my doctor today informed me that he thinks I can safely go out and about–as long as I continue to take it easy. Yes, I can now go to the store, as long as my husband is with me (the doctor doesn’t want me […]

Doctor Update

We went to the doctor yesterday–while I am still on bed rest (and likely will be for the duration of the pregnancy) my doctor said everything is looking pretty good. The baby is still very low, but things are “more relaxed” (doctor’s words) than they were last week. He took some swabs, and since […]

Hospitals Suck

You wouldn’t think that a routine doctor’s appointment would have sent my little world into a complete upheaval, but here I am–life has changed. While everything is okay right now, things were a bit hairy for awhile there.

So, routine doctor’s appointment last Tuesday. I was pretty psyched because I hadn’t gained too much […]

Larger than the average…

So, we went back to the doctor last Tuesday, to re-check my blood pressure, and make sure that I am a-okay. I am. It was perfection, so they don’t want to see me for another three weeks.

The blood work came back from my glucose test, and I don’t have gestational diabetes. However, my […]

Reality is sinking in

UPDATE: We’ve had to disable comments due to the LARGE amount of spam I was receiving. Most of you know how to get in touch with me if you need to, and I apologize for any comment-related inconvenience this may cause. Maybe we can reinstate them sometime.

I went to visit the family […]